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Christian Evangelism Explained

Two broad perspective are seen when speaking about Christian evangelism. The first is a lifestyle that subscribes to evangelistic principles. The second meaning is a Christian interdenominational body of Christians all over the world.The two are connected by the denomination follower subscribing to the evangelistic teaching. There are however people from other denominations who lead an evangelistic life. The life of evangelism refers to living in subscribing to the belief that Jesus Christ died as a sacrifice for human atonement.

The evangelical life is characterized by four pillars; conversionism, Biblicism, crucisism, and activism. These four pillars guide the daily life of a Christian evangelism. In conversions, one accepts to move from the old life and life a new one.The action is referred to as salvation and is a sign that one has denied to live the sinful life and will now live in righteousness. One regrets for the sins he had committed and hates them while there is relief from that burden couple with joy in the knowledge that seen no longer bind you.Briefly saying, once saved, always saved.

Biblicism is the third guide which refers to reverence to the Bible. The Bible contains Christian teachings, the gospel of Christ, GODs will on his people and the promises he made to them. Christins who do not sway from these teachings are sure of getting eternal security.
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The pillar of crucism is reference to Christ acts of sacrifice so that mankind will be saved. Christ was crucified to act as an atonement for human sins so that they are forgiven. The broken relationship between man and GOD was thus restored. When a person accepts that the death of Christ was to sanctify them, they get a direct relationship with their maker.The direct relationship between man and GOD is restoring once the man accepts that Christ died for his sins. The historic death of Christ is celebrated by Christians all over the world on the Easter holiday.
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Many people know evangelism through its fourth pillar of evangelism of activism. Activism is seen by most other denominations as evangelism. Evangelists refer to those people who spread the word of GOD actively. There is need for Christians to participate in spreading the actively word of God. They must preach salvation to each and every person so that every soul can be saved.

In order to serve different cultures effectively; the evangelical denomination has accepted dynamism as it is spread worldwide. While there are centralized evangelical churches, other serves entirely on their local churches. If you subscribe to their belief, you can connect to the local church available. In its own count, it commands around 13.1{d4a277bd84e1314169d476bc2269af8cb4e46ef5e94f9c52b6bf8302007e6909} of christens in the world which translates to 4{d4a277bd84e1314169d476bc2269af8cb4e46ef5e94f9c52b6bf8302007e6909} of the world’s population. This is largely contributed to their outgoing nature where they meet people in social places, media, fields, and churches. The church is driven by love when reaching for Christians in different spheres.