7 Goods to Bring When Traveling With Toddlers

Entering the holiday season, of course you have started preparing holidays with family. For some parents, maybe this is your first time to Travel with children. Traveling with toddlers must always provide a challenge for parents.

Approximately what are the things that must be prepared when traveling with toddlers?

1. Clothes and Socks
Like adults, the Little Clothes should be adjusted to the location of the destination to be visited, whether it has a cold or hot climate. Bring enough clothing, and choose clothes that can mix and match, as well as comfortable clothes and absorb sweat. You have to calculate carefully how much clothes you need. Indeed toddlers need more clothing because it could have accidentally spilled food, drinks or other, but not to excess too yes.

Slip also some trousers and socks even if your destination is beach or location with hot weather. Both items will be needed during windy air or while traveling at night. Or if your child is an active child, you can wear a pair of pants that are slightly thick like jeans, so that at the same time can protect from the risk of injury and injury when falling.

Do not forget to bring your swimsuits and gear when planning to include a swimming event on your agenda. Especially if the hotel where you stay to provide child pool facilities, the Little certainly do not want to miss the opportunity to play water is not it?

2. Jacket, Hat and Footwear
Wherever your destination, jacket and hat are mandatory things that must be laugh while traveling with the Little. Choose a jacket that is not too thick if your holiday destination is not a cold area. You can wear a jacket on your child while on the plane or on the train for example, to avoid the wind is quite tight and air conditioning is too cold. Do not forget to bring 2 pieces of footwear, shoes and sandals. Choose a comfortable and do not forget to involve the Little to choose a jacket, hat and shoe, this can minimize the possibility of ‘drama’ that will occur when the child must wear these items.

3. Child Supplies
The child’s kit consists of toiletries, disposable diapers, wet and dry tissues, sunblock, nail clippers, comb, cotton buds, sling, stroller – if necessary, blankets, and other perceived equipment. You do not need to bring complete toiletries, enough soap, shampoo, telon oil, beige baby, toothbrush and toothpaste. Even currently available 2 in 1 soap, which can be used for bath and shampoo. Bring small toiletries, and place them in one separate pocket or can be put together with your toiletries.

The choice of stroller and baby carrier fully becomes your choice as a parent. Find out the street conditions at your destination location, is it possible to bring a stroller? Because in some places it might be difficult if you bring a stroller. If you decide to bring a stroller, choose a small and slim stroller yes.

4. Drugs
We never know what will happen during the trip, sick or injury can come anytime. For that prepare the usual medicines given to the Small, such as hot down drugs, diarrhea, antimemar, adhesive pads, and antiseptic fluid. Or if your child has a special disease such as asthma or allergies, do not forget drugs that may be needed.

5. Bottle Drinking and Dinnerware
Bringing a drinking bottle will help you control how much water your child is getting into the body each day, and can save you money by purchasing bottled water that is relatively cheaper. In addition, it is better if preparing cutlery, especially if you bring a baby under the age of 1 year. There is no need for complete tableware, just a spoon and a covered lid to make it more practical.

6. Food and Drink
Bring some of your child’s favorite snacks to accompany him during the trip and interrupt visits to the sights. Place on a small, tightly sealed lunch box. This food will be slightly diverse if the Small entered the age of MPASI. If all this time you are hostile with instant porridge and puree packaging, it’s good if you slightly loosen the rules when traveling. Do not forget to let the Little taste the packet porridge before go, and select the taste that is preferred, so you do not hassle when the Little must eat the food.


Little Person will quickly feel bored, for that do not forget to bring some of his favorite toys. Choose small ones so they can be stored in a small bag wherever you go. You can also bring a toy that suits your activities when traveling with a toddler, for example if you are going to swim, bring a swimming tire and an inflatable ball. Or if going to the beach, bring along as well as set of play equipment sand. however  preparation of traveling with the Small this time? In addition to the seven points above, the most important thing that needs to be prepared is the mental child and parents. Prepare your mental and Little from the beginning, involve the child in various preparations, tell the purpose of traveling with your toddler, and make your child feel comfortable during traveling. If the little mood is nice, of course when your traveling will be fun.