Diving Tour from Icmeler

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Either you love water or not, the scuba diving experience at Icmeler will leave you wanting more. You would be amazed to see the life which is hidden under the sea. The reefs and the colours of sea creatures will be an experience worth trying.

If you have come for your holidays at Icmeler, scuba diving should top your to-do list. This activity introduces you to a completely different world that has much to offer. If you have tried scuba diving before, you must have experienced the amazing feeling that it entails.

Water makes us feel soothing and when felt so close has an altogether great effect. So, do not miss this opportunity and take out time to try Icmeler diving tour. The crystal clear water and a beautiful scenery of the sea side adds to this excursion.

This tour brings the professional quality equipments with trained divers to make this excursion safe and fun. The fee covers pick ups from your hotel to the chosen location and your return to the hotel. We have also managed to cover your full insurance, two dives and lunch.

We take responsibility of making your trip one of the memorable experiences and to take you back safe to your stay.

The duration for the trip is 8 hours. So, you need to consider spending most of the day in the excursion. We will pick you from your hotel at 9:30 AM. You will be given all the required instructions that are necessary for you to know before the excursion starts. The information will include sign language and other details which is important for your safety.

We also go beyond leaps and bound to get you the best fit equipment. We check everything several times so that you feel comfortable and safe once …


Helicopter Tours in New York City

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Helicopter Tours

Take an exciting helicopter tour to experience New York sightseeing like you’ve never imagined. Enjoy sweeping views of towering skyscrapers and famous landmarks.  Get an idea of where Captain Sullenberger landed the famed US Airways jet in the Hudson.  Glimpse a bird’s eye view of architectural wonders and NYC’s famous skyline. Soar high above parks, monuments, streets and people, and capture once-in-a-lifetime shots of the Big Apple.

Here’s a list of things to expect on a helicopter tour in NYC:

Tour in a Private Helicopter 

Make sure you reserve your spot well in advance. Up to six people can be accommodated, based on the weight considerations. Enjoy aerial vistas and jaw-dropping panoramas of the city in a group of family or friends. And if you are planning an engagement or special occasion, it’s double the fun from a helicopter.


State-of-the-Art Aircraft 

Safety is always a concern when you take flight, and the same applies on a helicopter tour of NYC. An experienced well-trained pilot with all the latest equipment, will take you over the skyline and ensure a safe and exhilarating experience.

20 Minutes of Air Time

20 minutes will allow you to soak in spectacular panoramas of the city. Soar past some of the most iconic landmarks in the city and be enthralled with breath-taking views of Manhattan. Various packages are available, prices start from $200 and can go up to $2,000.


See Famous Attractions

Observe famous attractions from an entirely different perspective. Fly over the Brooklyn Bridge and the Manhattan Bridge.  Soar past iconic skyscrapers such as the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building. Tour over Central Park, Grant’s Tomb, the USS Intrepid and Lady Liberty.  Savor gorgeous views of the New Jersey and New York City skylines.


Live Pilot Narration

All passengers are …


How to Develop the Optimal Payroll System and Fair

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Salary is in getting everyone is certainly bound to be different for each membership definitely has a different appreciation especially for a couple of different educational backgrounds.

However, any company should already have a payroll system that mature sometimes even do not have any system and just based on the way the calculations manually, we can help you with our system at Quickbooks Payroll Support.

Each company has a different way to the payroll system they will use to pay each employee who worked there from the lowest to the highest positions.

When drafting salary by using a system of course can not just carelessly or by using feeling simply because the salary is the absolute right of every employee and usually first login, then workers will carry out the agreement between the human resources department or immediate supervisor to the amount of salary they will thank each payroll date.

payroll system is now able to use a program that is designed to perform such a process is that the calculation of the salary will be true and not false, please contact us at QuickBooks Payroll Support Number to make a great deal.

In addition, in the calculation of salaries, there will also be other things that go normally as the calculation of overtime pay, bonus calculation, and also incentives to employees who perform accomplishment achievement of targets, work overtime or extra time and managed to achieve a particular award.

It all must be calculated correctly so avoid mistakes that lead to a sense of disappointment employees perceive the company is unfair in giving salary. You need to know that there are some steps that you should do pass and in doing and making payroll system in your company, please do not hesitate to contact us at Quickbooks


The best and economical taxi shuttle service private that you can find in Alicante (Spain)

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The best and economical taxi shuttle service private that you can find in Alicante (Spain) is We offer a variety of transportation services by luxury vehicles with best price in the market.

Our vehicles are full air conditioned and all amenities. Taxi shuttle service is private and license under Spanish transport regulation.

We offer private taxi transfer from Alicante to Benidorm or Torrevieja.

We offer private taxi from Alicante to Torrevieja in a comfortable and cheap way, book your place with us. And remember, closed prices and payments upon arrival at destination.

Located on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea, Benidorm has a microclimate mild winters and hot summers tempered by the sea breeze. modern, cosmopolitan and a great tourist attraction as are its excellent beaches city.

How to book your taxi in

1. Budget and reserves online:
Use our booking page to make your reservation. Closed price and you will recive an email confirming your reservation.

2. We wait for you at the airport:
Our driver carrying a sign with your name and “MTA” symbol. In your reservation includes the number of your flight, our chauffeurs are awaiting your arrival.

3. We take you to your destination directly:
Enjoy the ride in our taxi from the airport or any other destination. Taxis always clean, maintained and well equiped.

4. The amount payable
When you have reached your destination you must pay the amount previously confirmed.…


Salary and Wage System

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Quickbooks Payroll Support is to develop a set of procedures that allows the company to attract, hold and motivate staff needed, as well as to control payroll costs. Because there is no single pattern that can be used universally this procedure should be adjusted to the salary policy of the individual organizations, and should be bottom up policy considered fair.
QuickBooks Payroll and wage system is a network procedure consisted of the following:

1. Procedure present time recording

This procedure is intended to record employee attendance time. This present time recording function organized by the timekeeper by using the attendance list at the entrance to the office or factory adninistrasi. Present time recording of employees was held to determine the salaries and wages of employees.

2. Procedure for recording working time

In a manufacturing company whose production is based on orders, timekeeper work required for employees who work in the production function for the purposes of distribution costs and employee wages to the product or order to enjoy the services of the employee. If for example, a factory worker comes to the company for 7 hours in a working day, the number of hours of attendance is further divided into working time in every order done. Thus the working time is used as the basis for the imposition of direct labor costs to the product being manufactured.

3. The procedure of making payroll

In this procedure functions payroll makers make payroll and wages of employees. The data used as the basis for the payroll are the letters pengankatan decisions regarding new employees, promotions, demotions, dismissal of employees, payroll and attendance the previous month.

4. The procedures for the distribution of salary costs

In the procedure distribution of salaries and wages, labor costs are distributed to departments that enjoy the benefits …