Salary and Wage System

Quickbooks Payroll Support is to develop a set of procedures that allows the company to attract, hold and motivate staff needed, as well as to control payroll costs. Because there is no single pattern that can be used universally this procedure should be adjusted to the salary policy of the individual organizations, and should be bottom up policy considered fair.
QuickBooks Payroll and wage system is a network procedure consisted of the following:

1. Procedure present time recording

This procedure is intended to record employee attendance time. This present time recording function organized by the timekeeper by using the attendance list at the entrance to the office or factory adninistrasi. Present time recording of employees was held to determine the salaries and wages of employees.

2. Procedure for recording working time

In a manufacturing company whose production is based on orders, timekeeper work required for employees who work in the production function for the purposes of distribution costs and employee wages to the product or order to enjoy the services of the employee. If for example, a factory worker comes to the company for 7 hours in a working day, the number of hours of attendance is further divided into working time in every order done. Thus the working time is used as the basis for the imposition of direct labor costs to the product being manufactured.

3. The procedure of making payroll

In this procedure functions payroll makers make payroll and wages of employees. The data used as the basis for the payroll are the letters pengankatan decisions regarding new employees, promotions, demotions, dismissal of employees, payroll and attendance the previous month.

4. The procedures for the distribution of salary costs

In the procedure distribution of salaries and wages, labor costs are distributed to departments that enjoy the benefits of labor. The distribution of labor costs is intended to control costs and calculation of the cost of the product.

5. Procedure payroll

The procedure involves the payment of salaries and wages accounting functions and financial functions. Accounting functions make cash expenditure orders to the finance function to write checks for payment of salaries and wages. Financial functions and then cashed the check to the bank and put the money into an envelope salaries and wages. If the number of employees of many companies. Distribution of envelopes and wages can be done by distributing payroll checks to employees.

Quickbooks Payroll Support Phone Number, will help to distribute salaries and wages, first performed the preparation of payroll. Payroll and payroll that serves as a payroll journal prepared by three methods which consist of:

A. Method of hand (pen and ink)

Steps for compiling a list of salaries and wages can be separated into two parts:
Preparatory steps. Section salaries and wages received a record time of attendance and work time. Then the present time records used as a basis for compiling a list of salaries and wages.
Step drafting. Section salaries and wages record the names of employees and hours worked (regular and overtime) on the payroll. Record time data source is present. Then record the salary or wage rates from the rate card and multiplying it by the length of work.

B. Posting directly (direct posting) to the engine or payroll board

The process of calculating payroll by using a special calculating machine. Preparation of payroll by means of a hand (pen and ink) resulted in the writing the same thing over and over again. For example the employee’s name, card number is present. To avoid repetitive way then it can be used with the machine method or payroll board.

C. Methods without ledger (ledgerless)

In this way the data of salaries and wages can be recorded directly into your payroll checks and reports employee salaries. While other forms laid down paychecks, by carbon, so that the data in the paycheck will penetrate into other forms. In order for the copies made in accordance with the desired shape his forms are such that once written can obtain some form.