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Mining refers to the extraction of valuable minerals, metals and other geological materials from earth such as copper, tin, manganese, tantalum, iron ore, gold, silver and diamonds. Mining is never easy without the help of heavy-duty equipment in order to move earth and minerals in large earth moving and mining projects. Some of these equipment are used on road and highway projects such as articulated trucks and bulldozers. Surface mining heavy-duty equipment include giant machines like drills, electric shovels, mass excavator and giant drag lines. There are similarities between surface mining equipment and underground mining equipment which are used to move materials in a headroom and space environment. We will discuss the different mining equipment used in surface mining and underground mining.

An articulated dump truck is highly adaptable to rough terrain, which has a distinct cab and a dump box, and with a steering accomplished via hydraulic rams that pivot the entire cab. The two types of bulldozers are track and wheeled type. Bulldozers are known as shovel-like blade, however they are a combination of blade and crawler tractor. Bulldozers gives an excellent ground hold and mobility in a rough terrain, that is why they are considered as one of the most powerful tracked piece of equipment. Bulldozers have wide tracks that help in the distribution of weight over a large area to decrease pressure, so it prevents it from sinking in a muddy or sandy ground. Cable tractor pull cables such as an electrical cable for a mine shovel or wire ropes during changing of a shovel rope. Drag lines are one of the largest mobile equipment, which are used in strip-mining operations for moving overburden above coal and tar-sand mining. The purpose of using drills is to provide a “blast hole” into which explosives can be loaded and detonated for easier work on the job site.

Haul trucks have two forms which are the rigid frame and articulating frame, and they are used strictly off-road for heavy dirt hauling and mining jobs. Track loaders are capable of doing the task of an excavator, wheel loader and dozer, which is the reason why it remains a part of many mining companies. The heavy equipment wheel loader is used in loading loose materials such as dirt, feed, logs, snow and gravel, into or onto another type of machine such as a conveyor belt, dump truck, feed-hopper, or rail car. A grader is also known as a road grader or a blade, a maintainer or a motor grader, which is used in creating a flat surface which are commonly used in construction and maintenance of dirt roads and gravel roads. Lastly, a mass excavator allows usage of largest buckets in the industry, which is designed for quickly loading trucks with the fewest passes.
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