Tips for Renting a Luxury Villa

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Renting a luxury villa is an ideal value proposition. With the current economy, many people who own vacation homes have recently put their properties up for rent, and a supply increase usually means lower prices. 55{d4a277bd84e1314169d476bc2269af8cb4e46ef5e94f9c52b6bf8302007e6909} of owners plan to offer discounts and perks such as lower minimum stay requirements and free nights. Here, potential tenants can learn how to simplify the villa rental process.

Make a List of Wants

Before renting a villa, customers should decide what type of experience they want. While some people want daily housekeeping service, others are willing to clean up after themselves. Some customers want to get away from it all, but others want to be closer to town. Those who are considering extras such as guided tours should offer advance confirmation that they’re willing to pay extra.

Make Some Phone Calls

While online pictures are helpful, it’s best to talk to the agent or owner over the phone. With a phone call or in-person meeting, customers can get answers to all their important questions, along with some they may never think to ask. Agents often have access to multiple rentals, either through other contacts or a private portfolio, which makes it more likely that the customer will find a villa that meets their needs.

Take Advantage of Perks

Rental property owners are remaining competitive by offering extras such as car rental, free housekeeping, or private chef service. When asking about a particular property, it’s socially acceptable to ask the owner if they have anything extra to offer. An agency can leverage its professional network and private relationships to organize things that customers can’t, such as wine tastings and guided tours.

Get Things in Writing

When renting a villa, it’s standard practice to sign a contract. These agreements protect the agent, the villa owner and the tenant, and they should outline expense inclusions and exclusions. Contracts should clearly outline policies on property damage and customer dissatisfaction.

Consider Rental Insurance

It’s a significant investment to rent a villa, but insurance can offer coverage in the event of an emergency. Some policies allow tenants to cancel if they’ve recently lost a job, while others have more relaxed cancellation requirements. The cost of such coverage may depend on the ages of travelers in the group.