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10 Water Sports Favorites in Bali

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Vacation in Bali is already a necessity so ahead of the long holiday period, such as the increase in class holiday, or vacation to welcome the new year. Therefore, Bali is always more busy busy again in the holidays like that, is not it?

Well, if you’ve been to Bali many times, maybe tourist attractions such as Garuda Wisnu Kencana, Tanah Lot, Kintamani, or Kuta Beach is getting to be boring. One alternative that is now favored by many travelers is a culinary tour.

Island of the Gods is not only famous for its natural scenic beauty, but also the taste of the food that lure both local and foreign tourists. But, we all certainly aware, culinary tourism also has a negative side. Yes, especially if not increase our weight!

For men and women, well being can sometimes be difficult to maintain during a vacation. For example, many are reluctant to exercise or activity during vacation so that the condition of the body has also become less fit.

Well, if you happened to be looking for a sport in Bali is not only limited in gym space, maybe you can try 10 favorite watersport in Bali are being hits among teenagers! In addition to healthy, water sports is super fun and you can also upload photos of cool on your social media!

Flying board

As the name implies, as long as you play in a flying board, you can feel the sensation of flying with just a tool installed on your feet. The sport is especially popular in Tanjung Benoa. With the board that issued the water pressure was quite powerful, you can feel the thrill into Iron Man for a moment!

For its location, the board of flying can be found in a variety of beaches many jujukan tourists, for example Tanjung Benoa.

Do not worry about having trouble finding it, because once approached the shoreline, many employees will water sports providers who will offer their services to you.

rolling donuts

One more unique name water sports. Water sports are called rolling donuts because later you will sit on a float shaped like a donuts, and will be drawn by a high-speed boat.

Very adrenaline and suitable for you who come up with a partner or friends. Well, do not be surprised if yes will be very long queue during the holidays, so get ready to queue, yes!

Again, you’ll have no trouble finding a rolling donuts when visiting Tanjung Benoa, Bali because it happened in this area, almost all types of water sports are offered at varying prices.
Flying fish

Well, if you had already heard about the flying board, it is time you consider flying fish. This sport is called flying fish because later you will be a special boat ride rather wide, and will be pulled by a speed boat.

The difference with a rolling donuts, speed boat pulling force of these will make you go to the boat floating, fly like a kite, instead of at sea. This game is special to you that datng both yeah, so do not forget to bring your spouse or a friend!

In contrast to the much-loved rolling donuts, many people tend to be afraid in this sport, so you do not need to queue for long. But, remember yes this game is not for you guys who are afraid of heights!

Its location, just like two games above, can be found in the area of ​​Tanjung Benoa, Bali’s water sport center.

Banana Boat

Other water sports that you must try is the banana boat.

Perhaps you are already familiar with the water sport that has existed since long ago.

Later, using a banana-shaped rubber boat, you will be pulled by a speed boat around the coast in less than 15 minutes. This exercise is preferred by families who are on vacation because it can accommodate 4 people and one instructor.

So, do not be afraid to sink even if you fall for this instructor will definitely be there with you. In addition, you will also be given a float, so even a 6 year old child can play banana boat without fear of injury.


For you who are more interested in maritime travel under the sea, snorkeling is a great choice. In addition to burning calories while swimming in the sea, you can also enjoy the underwater life such as coral reefs and many species of fish live.

For snorkeling, more beaches in Bali offers the sport, but if you’re looking for the best location, Menjangan Island or Tulamben more advisable. But, snorkeling in Tanjung Benoa also no less asiknya and you can try other water sports as well.

One more exercise that makes the heart beat. With a speed boat, you will be drawn around the beach while flying with a parachute paying. You could feel the tension for about 4 minutes.

This extreme sport is very popular among local and international travelers
Water ski

If you want to feel the thrill of skiing, but it is difficult to find a snowy, water ski is a great choice. You can feel the sensation of surfing over the water, with skis pulled by a speed boat.

Foreign tourists really liked water ski, but unfortunately, not many tourists from Indonesia to try it.
jet ski

You must be familiar with the water sports on this one. Jet ski give a chance to feel the thrill of riding a motorcycle on the water for approximately 20 minutes. Later you will also be accompanied by a guide, so do not worry!

When speaking of water sports, water sports not to miss this one. Yes, especially if not surfing.

Kuta beach is always crowded with visitors is known as the best place for water sports this one because the waves are challenging

Water sports this one is rather different from other sports 9 above as it is located not on the beach, but on the river. Playing the current challenging rafting is an activity of adrenaline and safe.

It is suitable for beginners and advanced.

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