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11 Reasons to Travel to Fiji

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Fiji is an archipelago country located in the South Pacific.
The country has more than 300 islands, so it’s no wonder that the country is known for its blue sea views, layered coconut beaches, white sand beaches, and environmental activities such as mountain climbing.
Because it has hundreds of islands, tourists can surf, dive enjoy the beauty of marine life. Of the many hundred islands in Fiji, there are two islands that became the main island.

Both islands are Viti Levu and Vanua Levu. Most of Fiji’s population lives on the two islands. In addition to the natural beauty, there is another thing that is the attraction for tourists to this country.

Here are 11 reasons why you should visit Fiji:
1. Resting Place

If you want to feel calm, away from the noise and bustle of everyday whack, then Fiji can be an option.

Here, you can take a walk along the white sandy beaches, snorkel to see some of the best coral flowers in the world, or enjoy a waterfall in the forest.

In addition, you will enjoy the feel of nature, away from the crowds. This natural, calm, and fresh atmosphere can make you fresh, and relax.

2. White Sand Beach

Who does not like beautiful beaches? No matter where you are, Fiji seems to have an amazing beach to enjoy.

If you are taking a picture of a white sand beach, and sending it to someone else, it is probably the viewer who is anxious to visit the beach.

Snapshots You can also be used as postcards, and sent to relatives or friends, and family.

3. Swim with Sharks

Have you ever swam with a shark? you must try fiji diving liveaboard

Swimming with sharks without cages may sound crazy, but this moment you can feel when in Fiji. Swimming with sharks is forgotten, but certainly for those who love challenges.

4. Mud Mask

When the morning you enjoy swimming with sharks, then the afternoon can feel mud bath alias luluran using volcanic mud.

This experience is similar to swimming plus wearing the Dead Sea mud mask when you visit Israel. In Fiji, volcanic mud baths are beneficial for the skin. Mentioned, this volcanic mud bath can make a person look 10 years younger. Want to try?


It’s no secret that Fiji has some of the most beautiful and varied marine life on the planet. The ocean in Fiji is home to corals in the world, and again you must try divebooker

In addition to the coral-rich ocean, you can swim with stingrays. For snorkeling lovers, you can do it in front of the resort or around the boat.

6. Yasawa Islands

Fiji has from 300 islands. Much of the island is uninhabited. The uninhabited islands offer different things.

When you visit the Yasawa archipelago, then you will meet with the local community which is several generations. You will see different local life on every island.

Yasawa Islands, for example, consists of 20 islands. In this archipelago lived a few generations with a traditional way of life.

To visit local residents, you can use a boat or board a plane about 30 minutes to watch the whole island in Yasawa.

7. Romantic

Fiji is synonymous with romantic atmosphere. Imagine, tourists will experience life on a desert island, a picnic on a private beach, watching the sunset, enjoying the blue waters, and the stars in the sky at night.

It all feels as though it has been created specifically for a romantic getaway for you. Whether it’s a private island or a resort that pleases you and your partner. Fiji has many romantic places.

8. Safe

Fiji is one of the safest and most hospitable places in the world. With so many attractions and activities such as courses to overcome the challenges at sea, and zip lining, then your children will beg to try it.

9. Size

You can safely drive around Fiji for more than a day. It did not take a week to get around. Driving at a speed of 80 km / h, can make you see around Fiji.

If you get lost, then you will be helped by friendly locals.

10. Local Culture

While visiting Fiji, you will feel the local culture. It can be said to “sink” into the local culture while living in luxury resorts as well as in cottages around the coast.

Make sure you try Kava, a traditional drink made up of natural herbal roots and be sure to watch the locals walking on the fire on islands like Robinson Crusoe.

11. Hospitality

Tourists who visit Fiji are impressed by the hospitality of the locals. Touted, the citizens of Fiji is a loyal citizen on this planet. Visited 60 countries, said that the hospitality of Fiji residents is very different. He was impressed with the behavior of local residents. According to him, the friendliness of local residents began to feel since they were in the resort, or while driving on the road. Citizens are always smiling, and friendly.

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