December 6, 2023


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12 Generative AI Adtech Startups Poised to Disrupt the Industry

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Omneky CEO and founder Hikari Senju

Omneky CEO and founder Hikari Senju


Funding: $11.4 million in seed from individual investors like Conde Nast Chief Business Officer Craig Kostelic and former Salesforce Chief Scientist Richard Socher. Omneky also raised from VC firms like Softbank’s DeepCore, Village Global, AIX, and Orbit Venture Partners among others.

Number of employees: 54

What it does: Omneky uses generative AI to create ads based on what type of creative will perform best.

It uses what founder Hikari Senju calls a “fine-tuned Midjourney” that’s trained on an advertiser’s existing content to generate marketing material. It uses a separate predictive model to guide the creation of that content, based on how the design — like the layout, text size, image used — will drive clicks or other performance metrics.

Omneky integrates with companies like Oracle, Snowflake, and Databricks to get first-party data from its advertiser clients, and it also plugs into platforms like Reddit, TikTok, Google, LinkedIn, and The Trade Desk to both distribute the ads and get insights into how they performed.

Omneky has an ad generation tool that all marketers can use, and that currently drives around $3 million in revenue, Senju told Insider.

In the coming months, Omneky will release a workflow tool so that large agencies and enterprises can easily generate thousands of variations of ads, and test which ones will do best. This tool is in beta with a handful of Omneky clients, and will be available in the coming months.

“The productivity gain of our tool is such that it’s a thousand X improvement,” Omneky CEO and founder Hikari Senju told Insider. “The reality of how people make ads is they’re still making ads one at a time.”

Senju, who founded Omneky in 2018, studied computer science with a focus on AI and machine learning at Harvard.

Omneky currently has about 100 clients, including Sony Music, Japan Airlines, and StartEngine, which lets people invest in startups.


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