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45 best fitness gifts for gym lovers in 2023

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When you need the motivation to work up a sweat, challenge your body or stick to a healthy meal plan, your fitness-minded friend is your cheerleader. Always there to support you, give you a pep talk or just be by your side as you struggle through a plank, you couldn’t do it without them. Show them how much you value them with these health and exercise gifts that improve their workouts.

From super-cool, under-the-water workouts to must-haves for their home gym, our picks for fitness gifts are top-rated, vetted by professionals and sure to get them moving.

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Turn any dumbbell into a kettlebell with this handy Kettle Gryp gadget, perfect for maximizing any at-home gym setup and for taking on the go.

Perfect for the fashionista with a flair for fitness, this beloved exercise dress from Outdoor Voices can handle anything from leisurely walks and tennis games to training runs and intense hikes. It also comes with adjustable straps and a built-in shorts liner with side pockets for extra functionally.

They’ll be able to get in a quick cardio session anywhere with this Tangram Smart Jump Rope. It also make a great gift for data-obsessed fitness lovers since its companion app keeps track of workout stats like jump count, calories burned and time spent jumping.

Even fitness buffs need to stay comfy. Make sure they stay completely relaxed on rest days or bundled up before their workout sessions with these fleece sweatpants. For the complete look, pair these with a fleece hoodie, crewneck or cardigan from Nike’s Phoenix Fleece line.

Round out their rest day look with these Hoka Ora Recovery slides, which we love for supporting our tired and achy feet.

Though Peloton undeniably has a cult following, not everyone is a fan of biking, running, rowing or lifting. For the friend who can’t get enough time at their local boxing gym, this splurge-worthy gift will make them jump rope in delight, says fitness trainer Holly Roser. “This boxing bag is the Peloton of boxing,” she continues. “You can work out at home with kickboxing experts, jump in the shower and head to work. There’s no excuse to skip a workout if you have a bag in your living room or garage.”

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Serious yogis and fitness buffs seeking a legging that will let them focus on their movements and perhaps make them forget they’re wearing any leggings at all won’t be let down by the Lululemon Align Pant, which we named the best workout leggings of the year. Lightweight yet opaque, the Align’s buttery-soft feel and the stretchiness it offered were like no other legging we tested.

Give the yogi in your life a sturdy support tool with these cork yoga blocks, which are also antimicrobial and water-resistant.

There’s no easier way for the egg lovers out there to scramble, hard boil, soft boil or poach eggs than with this Dash egg cooker. It has an auto-shutoff function, so your friend’s go-to breakfast choice will never overcook, and they won’t have to babysit them if they’re short on time. Whether it’s for a quick breakfast or a protein-packed snack, cooking eggs has never been this over easy.

Who doesn’t love a new pair of sneaks? Regardless if your pal is a fan of walking, running or another type of workout, these meet their needs, says Megan Roup, a celebrity fitness trainer and the founder of The Sculp Society. “Comfortable and cute, these have been a staple in my closet and perfect for anyone active in your life,” she adds.
Remember: Leading an active life is not about grinding 24/7. It’s also about believing that rest is just as important as burpees, lunges and squats. For improved sleep — crucial for health and well-being — gift this adult weighted blanket to your gym-loving friend. “Add in the cooling factor and sensation on top of the compression from the weight — and it’s a win-win for sleep,” says Cynthia Williams, a nutrition practitioner. “I recommend, use and swear by these blankets. Especially for those who are constantly on the go, have high-stress jobs or lives.”

Certified nutritionist, vegan chef and the founder of Yhorlife, Adylia-Rhenee Gutierrez is obsessed with the weighted, wearable bangles from Bala. Available in a wide range of colors, weights and styles, they make for a unique and creative gift for your pal who is always looking to up their fitness game. She prefers the 1-pound option because you can easily wear them all day on your wrists or ankles. “I love them because they are so lightweight you don’t have to worry about moving wrong and causing injuries,” she says. “Plus, the cute colors motivate you to want to move and bring them with you everywhere!”

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Staying hydrated is not only crucial for workouts but for daily life and vitality. Our pick for the best water bottle came out on top, thanks to its durability, fantastic chug cap and stellar thermoregulation.

We all know that meal prepping is an important part of achieving health and fitness goals, but let’s be real: It can get boring and tedious. If you want to encourage your friend to join you on your health kick, gift them this four-pack of bento box-style containers, recommended by Adrienne Ruhnow, the district fitness manager for Chuze Fitness in Colorado. “Your friend can re-create their favorite protein boxes for a fraction of the cost, create an adult ‘Lunchable’ that’s healthy and fun or simply use the portion-controlled containers to keep their workday lunches on track,” she explains. “The removable compartments mean that your friend can configure their boxes however they want.”

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Chances are your friend’s yoga mat needs a refresh. We chose a version of this one from Lululemon as the best yoga mat, due to its non-slip rubber construction, as well as how it provides an ample cushion with a 5mm thickness.

For rowing beginners or pros, it doesn’t get much cooler than the Hydrow Wave Rower, which is also our pick for best overall rower. More compact than other at-home rowers (it even folds up vertically), it offers a Peloton-like service where users can row alongside virtual trainers as they pull their way through various rivers and lakes across the world — from the River Thames to streams in Alaska.

While in a dream world, we would be able to give your fitness-lovin’ friend an on-call massage therapist, it’s not quite a reality. Instead, you can provide them with something nearly as therapeutic: release balls. “Whether it’s working out that crick in your neck, massaging the knot between your shoulder blades or rolling the bottoms of your feet to help with your plantar fasciitis, these tools work wonders,” says Rachel Lovitt, a holistic movement coach.

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You and your pal enjoy stopping by a local café for juice, but it’s tough on the budget. Help them save a little money and still get the nutritious taste they need and love with this juicer, which can cut through celery and greens just as well as any fruit. We named it the best juicer of the year.

This mega-splurge definitely costs a pretty penny, but if you’re gifting your spouse, best friend, parent or child, it could be worth the expense. As Williams puts it, hands down, the technology is incredible. “My favorite part is that it tracks body temperature, it is rugged and tough, and it tracks your progress over time in workouts, so you know when to push harder or back off,” she explains. “It is a bit pricey, but if your someone special is any kind of fitness enthusiast, they will absolutely love this watch.”

Gift them this blender that Roser says is not only chic but also a great gift for someone on the go. “The blender makes protein shakes or smoothies, allowing you to unscrew the blender attachment and use it as a bottle afterward,” she shares. “You can also create water infusions, helping your loved one stay more hydrated in style.”

Ask any fitness trainer, and they’ll say foam rollers are a real game changer when it comes to post-workout recovery. They work to loosen up muscles and act as a massage after a trying session. For the friend who spends more time at the gym than anywhere else, this top-rated option allows them to work on their quads, calves, lats, back and much more.

While most gym goers are used to iron or steel dumbbells or kettlebells, soft ones can be just as effective, says Melissa Rodriguez, a NSCA-certified strength and conditioning specialist and NASM-certified personal trainer for Mindbody and ClassPass. In this set, each disc is filled with sand, and the set comes with handles so you can quickly assemble a set of dumbbells or a kettlebell at home. She specifically recommends these for parents with small children at home, so they can worry less about their kiddos bumping into hard weights.

Think of the marathon-running superstar in your life. You may think all they do is log mile after mile, but in reality, they probably alternate cardio with strength training to ensure they are fit from head to toe. Encourage their cross-training practices with this resistance glute band, recommended by Steve Hackett, the owner of Coach House Strength & Conditioning Studio. “Gone are the days of those slippery, leg-hair-ripping plastic glute bands; these alternative bands in a stretch fabric are anti-slip and easy on the skin,” he says. “Whether beginner or advanced, the resistance band is a versatile, powerful training tool and suitable for anyone on your list.”

If you ask Kirsten Potenza, the founder of Pound, Theraguns are the gold standard of recovery right now. Its newest product, the TheraFace Pro, is on Potenza’s wish list this holiday since it’s meant to relieve tension but also brighten and tighten skin. “As a mom and an entrepreneur, life can be crazy busy, and it feels like I am always doing something for others. This is a simple treat just for me that I can use at home,” she says.

Getting up your heart rate is great, no matter how you do it, including turning back to your childhood roots with a pair of skates. These retro roller skates are not only stylish and fun, but they will build strength and endurance for anyone in your life.

What does every avid gym or class goer want? They want a lightweight bag that can carry all of the things they need from morning to night. Make their storage dreams come true with this top pick from Stephanie Butterfield-Richardson, the founder of Activate House. She says you can fit everything — outfit changes, sneakers, work necessities and more. (It’s even an Underscored editor favorite.)

“My favorite part of having this bag is not only the soft material, but I love that it has a shoe bag, padded laptop sleeve and a dust bag, making it easy to keep going from one place to the other without having to carry multiple bags in hand,” she raves.

Ask anyone who has achieved physical greatness, and they’ll be quick to tell you it’s not just about grit and grind. It’s also about an unstoppable mind. Ruhnow says you can encourage your friend to take a few minutes each morning and evening to reflect on wellness — water, meals, sleep, mindfulness goals, gratitude and more — with this journal. “These 12-week journals are undated, so they can start or stop at any time throughout the year,” she continues. “Who doesn’t need a refresher on their wellness goals in March and again in the summer?”

Balancing might not seem like a tough act, but it’s killer for building core strength. Plus, if you ask the 700-plus Amazon reviewers, this board is a fun way to work out without thinking about it. Give this gift to your friend who is always looking for new ways to challenge their body and mind.

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Once you start cookin’ with an air fryer, you don’t go back! Give your loved one the gift of ease to meet their dietary needs with less cleanup, less oil and more yum. We named this the best air fryer because of its heavy-duty feel, combined with the reasonable price tag, convenient controls and standout cooking results.

If an Apple Watch just isn’t in your budget this year (hello, inflation), you can still gift your loved one a smartwatch monitor they’ll love. This one tracks your body temperature, suggests breathing exercise and even reminds you to drink more water. You can pre-program workouts with countdown clocks and activity minute counters too.

Apple’s AirPods Pro 2 are a great way to tune out distractions when it’s time to zone in on your workout. These compact true wireless buds come with active noise-canceling technology, plus they’re sweat- and water-resistant, so there’s no need to worry when they’re killing it in the gym.

As a mom of two, physical therapist Dr. Samantha Harte says the Peloton app has been a lifesaver through the pandemic and through her very busy life. “As a doctor, the app offers comprehensive fitness and wellness programs that are easily accessible and affordable,” she continues. “Specifically, it offers a huge variety of mind-body wellness classes ranging from meditation and yoga to cycling, running and dance cardio.”

People still underestimate how increasing your daily step count can positively impact your mental and physical health, says Mariana Santos, the founder and CEO of Brazily Fitness. “With the FitBit tracker watches, you get an accurate count of how many steps you are taking every day and how restful your sleep is, among other awesome features,” she continues. “If someone you love needs to start on their fitness journey, but you know they need to start slow and keep things simple, this is the perfect gift! Bringing awareness to your current daily activity level is the first step towards adopting healthier habits.” Check out our full Fitbit Inspire 3 review here.

Part of living a well-balanced life is staying active but also eating good-for-you foods. For your brother who has been doubling down on nutrition lately, consider gifting him this sleek NutriBullet that makes smoothies, yes, but also hummus, soups and more. Dr. Lana Butner, says as a gift, it is versatile, easy to transport and available in different colors and finishes to fit his style.

No need for tons of gym space with this at-home TRX suspension trainer bundle. Personal trainer Miriam Fried says it’s extremely versatile and great for all levels. As a bonus, it also travels incredibly well and can fit in your suitcase.

“In terms of bang for your buck, this is as good as it gets in high-quality equipment since you can essentially get a full body workout with this lightweight and mobile piece of equipment,” she adds.

If they’re not so comfortable wearing super-tight leggings, gift them these comfortable yet stretchy joggers, says Risa Sheppard, the founder of The Sheppard Method Pilates. They’re not only available in a variety of colors, but they make it more likely your parent or grandparent stays active.

“A lot of fitness pros agree that the best way to work out is with comfortable clothing,” she says. “Fitness gear is so popular these days, and finding a brand or style that suits you can be a constant search. These joggers take the guesswork out of ‘what do I wear today?’”

Want to gift your loved one a new pair of shoes? If you aren’t sure what kind of workouts they’ll be getting into, it’s best to get a shoe that can do a little bit of everything, says Tess Barringer, a performance coach at Future.

“Training shoes can take you from running a few miles to lifting at the gym with their versatile build,” she continues. “If you know they’ll be hitting the gym and lifting weights more, a shoe with a little less give in the sole may be best, and the reverse is true if your person will be racking up the miles. I love these On Cloud Xs for shorter runs, bootcamp-style classes, lighter lifting days, walks with my pup or running errands.”

For the best friend in your life, there is no more important item to have than a Stanley Tumbler. For a while, Stanley was sold out of these quenchers, but they’re now back in stock and in demand. This 40-ounce tumbler is perfect for ensuring that your friend meets their daily water intake goal, as well as keeping their coffee or hot tea hot for hours at a time, says Kimberly Nanninga, a registered dietician. “This tumbler also has a handle and an insulated body shape that is tapered, allowing it to fit in a cup holder,” she adds.

For the pal who likes to run and listen to music but doesn’t want to block out the sounds of traffic or people approaching, gift them this smart pair of Ray-Bans. They allow you to listen to music and podcasts, with built-in camera and audio, raves Christine Vleck Jensen, the co-owner of Mighty Pilates. “You can even snap a photo of a beautiful sunset while you are out,” she says.

Your friend doesn’t just enjoy meeting their fitness goals, but they track their progress with data too. These first-of-their-kind ankle weights will blow their minds since they feature built-in sensors to measure the rate of turn and acceleration with each movement, a scoring system, a summary of calories burned and exercise accuracy too. They can also download the Sportneer app to choose from 71 fitness videos.

Your pal wishes they could like other types of workouts, but the only one that really gets their heart racing is swimming. Sadly, though, listening to music while doing laps is tough. And a workout app for swimming? Not a thing — until now! This company offers on-demand water-based workouts and has been nicknamed the “Peloton of the pool.” In addition to 200 exercises across various categories, your swimmer friend can also stream music, podcasts and audiobooks.

You and your bestie have wanted to get in on the indoor cycling craze, but your budget doesn’t allow the fanciest of all. Luckily, you can gift them an affordable option that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg either. If you’re looking for a super-solid bike option that won’t take up too much space, this editor-favorite option has more than 20,000 reviews on Amazon.

Sometimes you just feel the need to punch something. Your fitness bestie feels the same way. If they have a boxing bag at home, they need gloves that allow them to cross, hook, jab and uppercut their stress away. These lightweight gloves make an excellent, affordable gift. They also wick moisture, so your friend’s paws won’t feel sticky.

Since you only have one body, it’s vital to protect and nurture it, which is why a vibrating massage ball like this one is so important. Send this message to your bootcamp-class-obsessed bestie and encourage them to use this ball before a workout to help prepare muscles and soft tissue around the joints. Then, they can drag it out again after a workout for extra recovery.

Though we all know how vital it is to drink plenty of water, sometimes good old-fashioned H2O gets boring. To spice it up and still remain hydrated, your fitness friend can have fun with this sparkling water maker. They can add natural flavors or fresh fruit to create yummy and healthy beverages.


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