October 1, 2023


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Advertising and marketing to Generation Z in the United States – statistics & facts

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Gen Z consumer profile and attitudes toward marketing

Members of Gen Z are communicating, working, and shopping in distinctly new ways, explaining why brands must constantly adjust their marketing approaches to navigate this complex audience. Not only do they need to choose the right channels to resonate with Gen Z, but they also need to keep in mind their economic, personal, and professional concerns. Research further showed that Gen Z tends to shop based on personal values. Young consumers therefore hold companies accountable for their real-world social impact, underlining why brand loyalty among Gen Z can be in constant flux. On top of that, Gen Z is the most diverse group of consumers yet, and they want to be approached accordingly. Surveys showed that many Gen Z shoppers feel that brands’ marketing messages tend to group them together, whereas they prefer personalized experiences based on individual preferences.

Social media as a key to unlocking Gen Z

Social media has become the number one destination for marketers seeking to reach, target, and successfully communicate with Gen Z consumers. Based on the findings of a U.S. survey on media consumption among different age groups, members of Gen Z clearly preferred social media over all other digital or traditional media formats in 2022, highlighting the vast potential of platforms like TikTok, Snapchat, and Instagram for marketing initiatives. Not only that, but research also showed that over 60 percent of Gen Z shoppers were likely to purchase products they had seen on social media, compared to just over 50 percent of millennials and even smaller shares of Gen X. But the overall embrace of social networks as marketing playgrounds is not to say that Gen Zers are not picky about the type of promotion they endorse. Especially in cases where brands use performative activism on their social media profiles without putting their words into action, Gen Z users rarely hesitate to unfollow companies online.

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