Beachside or inland: Which hotel type do you prefer?

You could book a hotel near the airport or one right next to the beach in Goa – but the latter one is better for you.

If it’s Goa, it has to be the beach. Why would anyone go to Goa and not visit a single beach, right? By the same logic, why would anyone go to Goa and not book a luxury beach resort?

Why you should stay at a beach resort

You may book a popular, city-based hotel for your trip – but do bear with us as we extol the virtues of booking a hotel in Goa near the beach

* Everything you need is right there.

Goan hotels near the beach stockpile everything they need because replenishing their supplies necessitates a trip to the mainland. Luxury beach resorts like The Leela Goa go a step further and create a mini ecosystem on the property – from landscaped lawns to an exquisite spa, and from splendid décor to the best restaurants, everything you will ever need is right there on the premises. In fact, you could take a mini break to Goa and stay at The Leela Goa, never to venture out at all!

* You don’t need to travel to see the beach.

The whole point of going to Goa is to visit the beaches often. If you stay inland or in the city, you would need to take transport for the beach. Public transport is quite expensive and unregulated in Goa, and recently there was an uproar over the high costs of cab costs to and from the airport. But you won’t have the problem of hiring transport if you stay in a hotel near the beach. You just have to wake upand walk down to the beach whenever you want to!

* You wake up to the sound of sea waves, not traffic.

Speaking of waking up and going to the beach, do you know how awesome it is to wake up to the sounds of waves caressing the shore? It is a sound that transports you to a deeper, more spiritual place inside you. You can even borrow a yoga mat from your hotel and saunter down to the sea early in the morning for meditation. Would you get this uplifting experience in a hotel that is close to the road, or which is noisy, or which is next to other hotels?

* Sea breezes invigorate your soul.

Studies prove that sea breezes are therapeutic – this is why so many people feel better at the beach. You may have come across characters in old British or American novels, taking off for the sea shore when they don’t feel too well. The sea air carries droplets of sea water, as also essential minerals that have curative effects on the body. So if you just want to improve your mood or reflect on the many twists and turns your life’s journey has taken thus far, just sit and look at the waves, the birds flying across the skies, the clear expanse of blue above your head. You can’t do this if you’re living in a hotel far away from the seashore.