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Bismarck Man Aiming To Be “Mr. Health And Fitness”

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I think it’s pretty safe to say that certain people in this world are NOT designed to be a “Mr or Mrs. Health And Fitness”

I’m talking about myself for that matter. It’s just a fact that I’ve never had the physique to shape my body into a chiseled figure of strength. Not only do you need discipline, but also a strong mental desire is a must as well.

One man will win $20,000 and be featured in Muscle & Fitness Magazine. Let’s break it down like this – According to “Muscle & Fitness Magazine honors strength, grit, and determination. From professional bodybuilding to running marathons, this is a community for all men who promote an active lifestyle”

Fighting Against Childhood Cancer

“Mr. Health & Fitness is proud to support the Andrew McDonough Be Positive Foundation in their mission to provide financial assistance to families, fund childhood cancer research, bring awareness to the fight against childhood cancer, and spread positivity”

Now it’s time to meet 33-year-old Darris Grant

Darris has had some rough times in life having spent time in prison – His “mind and soul torture” inside his cell.

A buddy got him involved in working out in the courtyard, after he was released from prison he gave up on his ability to stay in shape, as the bottle drove him to drink again.


The above date is Darris Grant’s sobriety date. It is a day never to forget, your first day of freedom and recovery – any man or woman who suffers from addiction will finally be free once they surrender 100% – and Darris has chosen that path. Today you can find him working at Seeds Of Eden here in Bismarck – a magical place that saves lives – to addiction and homelessness, severe mental and physical disabilities – Darris gives back so freely helping others with his life experiences.

“Each day is a blessing from my higher power” 

You will also find Darris at Lincoln Fitness – check out a classic “Before and After” picture:

He changed his diet back in October of last year…



Mr. Health And Fitness is NATIONWIDE

YOU can vote as many times as you would like starting May 6th. Here is where YOU can VOTE ( as often as you want ).

What fuels your passion for fitness?

“Its an investment in myself. Before all I did was abuse my body with alcohol and drugs. Now since being sober for almost 2 years, I value myself in mind, body, and spirit. Taking care of myself physically helps me with practicing consistency and discipline. Principles which are vital to me now that I’m in recovery. Also, I watch a lot of David Goggins and hearing his story is definitely an inspiration. Also “WHO’S GONNA CARRY THE BOATS?!”

What would you do with $20,000?

Alot. In all honesty it would benefit a lot of people, from those I had harmed while I was in active addiction, to the other nonprofits I work closely with in my city of Bismarck ND. It would also help show that no matter what, as an addict in recovery, I take accountability for my wrong doings. It would also help with fostering a sense of unity between agencies which help those struggling addiction. To quote Hellen Keller “Alone we can do so little; Together we can do so much”

Good luck Darris, Bismarck. and North Dakota is all pulling for you!

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