April 14, 2024


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Brit’s dream trip turns into a nightmare after booking flights to city 4,957 miles away | Travel News | Travel

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A British woman was in for a shock when she boarded her flight to discover it was going to Belfast rather than her holiday destination of Belize.

Amie had booked a five-star all-inclusive hotel in the Caribbean but had enlisted the help of her sister to book her flights.

After realising the flight took just one hour to reach her final destination, she was shocked to discover she was actually on her way to Belfast instead of Belize.

Sharing her video on TikTok, she filmed herself in the pouring rain once she had landed, saying she had a suitcase packed with “bikinis and dresses”.

She said: “Never let your dyslexic sister book you a holiday to Belize. I’ve ended up in Belfast. So much for the Caribbean and the sunshine. It’s pi***** it down with rain, it’s -3C. I’m supposed to be in a five star hotel and instead I’m stood in the rain in Ireland.”

She added: “Why would anyone choose to come here? I should have known when the flight was only an hour long. Like what am I going to do in Belfast for five days? All I packed is bikinis and summer dresses. I have nowhere to stay and my five-star all-inclusive hotel is waiting for me in the f****** Caribbean.”

While Amie was left in tears over the situation, viewers found it hilarious. One wrote: “You have me in stitches.” Another said: “I’m dyslexic and this is the best video I’ve ever seen about it.”

One person urged Amie to fly to Belize from Belfast, to which she responded: “They don’t fly to Belize from Belfast!”

But Amie made the most of her accidental flight to Belfast, spending some time browsing Northern Ireland’s capital.


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