June 17, 2024


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Canada: digital ad spend 2023-2028

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In 2024, digital advertising spending in Canada will amount to an estimated 16.19 billion Canadian dollars, up from 14.72 billion dollars a year earlier. That represents a 10-percent annual growth in Canada’s online ad spending. The figure was forecast to continue to expand, exceeding 21.5 billion dollars by 2028.

Digital advertising in Canada – additional information

On a global scale, digital advertising expenditures are calculated to reach 159 billion U.S. dollars in 2015, and grow by another 20 billion by the end of 2016. On the Canadian market, 2015 is expected to end with ad spend reaching 4.36 billion Canadian dollars, while 2018 predictions see it close with 5.65 billion Canadian dollars worth of advertising expenses. Additionally, sources expect digital to account for 27.5 percent of total advertising spending in 2015. Looking at format breakdown of ad expenditures in the country, search held the largest share – approximately 2.44 million Canadian dollars was devoted to this format in 2015; another big chunk of the budgets belonged to traditional display – 1.42 million.

According to the majority of marketers in Canada, the future of the industry is digital. When asked to identify the devices important for advertising, 91 percent indicated the computer, 87 pointed to the mobile phone and 84 believed it was the tablet, on par with the TV. However, desktop advertising might be at risk owing to the growing popularity of adblocking. In mid 2015, among Canadian desktop site visitors aged between 18 and 24 years, 30.5 percent recorded an instance of ad blocker use.

All in all, 40 percent of consumers younger than 35 years declare to perceive online advertising as trustworthy. This share is slightly higher among older generations. The least trusting toward digital ads are consumers aged 65 and older. Main reasons why they deem online ads as not worthy of their trust is because they perceive them as false, manipulative, leading to phishing and malware attacks and because the internet is unmonitored as such.


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