April 14, 2024


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Canadians Change Booking Patterns to Prioritize Non-Stop Flights: Survey

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As the airline industry continues to face unprecedented challenges, a recent survey reveals Canadians are adapting their air travel planning and booking preferences to prioritize convenience over the potential for travel-related stress.

The Leger study indicates 56 per cent of Canadians will try to only book non-stop flights after a spate of incidents hit the news media.

The study, which surveyed respondents from across Canada, highlights a significant shift in travellers’ attitudes towards air travel in the post-pandemic environment. With 54 per cent to 64 per cent agreement across different regions and demographics, the preference for direct flights seems to be widespread and uniform.

According to the survey, non-stop flight preferences were highest among respondents aged 35-54 60 (60 per cent), followed by those aged 18-34 (59 per cent), and 55+ (52 per cent). The study also observed a gender balance in this trend, with 55 per cent of male and 52 per cent of female respondents expressing similar sentiments.

The driving force behind this trend appears to be concerns over flight delays and missed connections. Travellers are seeking to minimize potential disruptions to their itineraries, aiming to have a smoother travel experience and avoid unnecessary stress during their journeys.

And perhaps rightfully so, as Open Jaw also reported earlier this week that Canadian airlines are experiencing higher flight delay rates compared to their international peers.

When compared to their U.S. counterparts, Canadian travellers demonstrate a stronger preference for non-stop service. Only 35 per cent of American respondents expressing a desire to prioritize direct flights.


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