April 14, 2024


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Diving Tour from Icmeler

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Either you love water or not, the scuba diving experience at Icmeler will leave you wanting more. You would be amazed to see the life which is hidden under the sea. The reefs and the colours of sea creatures will be an experience worth trying.

If you have come for your holidays at Icmeler, scuba diving should top your to-do list. This activity introduces you to a completely different world that has much to offer. If you have tried scuba diving before, you must have experienced the amazing feeling that it entails.

Water makes us feel soothing and when felt so close has an altogether great effect. So, do not miss this opportunity and take out time to try Icmeler diving tour. The crystal clear water and a beautiful scenery of the sea side adds to this excursion.

This tour brings the professional quality equipments with trained divers to make this excursion safe and fun. The fee covers pick ups from your hotel to the chosen location and your return to the hotel. We have also managed to cover your full insurance, two dives and lunch.

We take responsibility of making your trip one of the memorable experiences and to take you back safe to your stay.

The duration for the trip is 8 hours. So, you need to consider spending most of the day in the excursion. We will pick you from your hotel at 9:30 AM. You will be given all the required instructions that are necessary for you to know before the excursion starts. The information will include sign language and other details which is important for your safety.

We also go beyond leaps and bound to get you the best fit equipment. We check everything several times so that you feel comfortable and safe once you are inside water. We make sure the paramedic team is always around in case of any emergency which is unlikely to happen. Do not feel pressurised when the gear feels heavy on the deck because as soon as you will enter the water, you will not even feel your weight.

If you are experienced and not doing it for the first time, you can have the privilege to get to the depths and see the caves and wrecks. For armature, still there is plenty to explore. The colourful fishes and the reefs will leave you awestruck. What you must have seen in picture would make no sense once you will get to the real world of beneath the sea.

We will serve you lunch at noon. You need to carry your swimsuit and sunglasses. If you wish to leave the excursion without getting roasted, please bring your sun cream. The excursion comes to an end at 5:00 PM and we drop you to your location.

The trip surely ends here but the memories will last forever. If you do not want to miss a chance to experience the unimaginable, we will always be at your service. Always stay updated with us!

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