April 14, 2024


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Dominican Republic surpasses Mexico in travel bookings for the first four months of 2024

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Santo Domingo—David Collado, Minister of Tourism, announced that the Dominican Republic had surpassed Mexico and other Latin American countries in airline ticket bookings for the first four months of 2024 compared to 2023.

This is based on data provided by the Forwardkeys platform, which includes information on travel ticket reservations for all airports and airlines worldwide.

Collado noted that for January, February, March, and April, the Caribbean country is ahead of Mexico, considered the most visited in the region, as well as Jamaica, Bahamas, and Cuba.

“For January the country presents a 6.6% growth in bookings, while Mexico has a 0.3%. Likewise, Jamaica has -44.1%, Bahamas 1.3% and Cuba -14.0% compared to the previous year,” according to statistics projected by the minister.

He indicated that “in February, bookings for the Dominican Republic grew by 13%, while in Mexico 3%, Jamaica -37.9%, Bahamas -1.6% and Cuba -9.6%”.

“For March, the country continues to lead with 16.5% in bookings, Mexico holds 4.2%, Jamaica -36.7%, Bahamas 7.2%, and Cuba -4.3%,” he added.

He explained that “completing the first four months of the year, the Dominican Republic leads the month of April with 8.3%, followed by Mexico with a negative figure of -3.6%, Jamaica -38.4%, Bahamas -20.4% and Cuba with -19.7%.

According to El Nacional, the head of Mitur emphasized that “these figures clearly show the work being done in the Dominican Republic and the strength of our country’s international positioning in terms of tourism.”

He stressed that airline ticket reservations for travel to the DR during January represent a 6.6% growth compared to those made on the same date in 2023.

Likewise, the minister was optimistic about the outlook for 2024 on tourist arrivals.

In December last year, the Dominican Republic reached the record of 10 million tourists received yearly. This symbolic distinction fell on the first passenger to get off an American Airlines flight from Miami, which landed at the Punta Cana Airport.


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