April 14, 2024


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Empower Your Financial Future This Holiday with Easy Finance Academy’s Free Masterclass

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In the midst of an unpredictable economic landscape, envision a holiday gift that keeps on giving – something that can shape your life for years to come. Easy Finance Academy, a black-owned Toronto-based startup that recently expanded its reach to Paris in 2023, is now venturing into the English markets of Canada and the US. They specialize in guiding both seasoned investors and everyday individuals with little know-how on a transformative financial literacy journey.

Happi Leopold, the visionary behind Easy Finance Academy, is dedicated to empowering those traditionally underrepresented in the financial world from all walks of life around the world. With 14 years of experience in banking, Happi left the corporate finance sector to make financial literacy accessible to everyday individuals. Starting December 1st, take advantage of their offerings in both English and French, including Stocking Stuffer Gift Cards, as well as the STOCK 1 and LEVERAGED TRADER programs. And the best part? They’re going global, reaching Canada, the US and beyond!

Free Masterclass

Courtesy of Easy Financial Academy

Price: Free

When: January 11, 2024

Where: Virtual

Why You Need To Go: The free masterclass, “Demystify the Stock Market”, is your chance to dive into the world of financial wisdom without spending a penny. Gift financial literacy this holiday with our special Stocking Stuffer Gift Cards, available across Canada, the US, and globally. Your wallet (and future self) will thank you!

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