March 27, 2023


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Five Tips for an Eco-friendly Vacation

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It can be hard to reconcile one’s concern for the environment and being on a vacation. Yet, with responsibility and effort, it is possible to ensure that a holiday or business trip minimizes detrimental environmental effects.

Mode of Travel
In terms of carbon emissions, flying is well-known as the most ecologically damaging mode of transport. Short haul flights of under 500km are considered more damaging than longer ones, which make riding a train, ferry or car an easier alternative. However, someone who lives in an apartment and usually walks to work, may justify a flight on the basis that their daily carbon footprint is lower than another person who lives in a large house and drives every day. However, if a flight is planned, the most eco-friendly option is to choose an airline that uses efficient aircraft, and operates as close as possible to full passenger occupancy.

Choice of Destination
Sometimes, a traveler has no choice. A business trip, for example, may be a necessity. However, it is worth exploring whether video conferencing might replace the need for a flight or train trip. Conversely, particularly when it comes to vacations, the choice of destination is very much an issue. Choosing somewhere close to home might negate the need for a flight.

Many hotels make much of their green eco-status. The eco-tourist knows to look beyond bathroom signs stating that towels are no longer changed daily. Instead, they consider the hotel’s waste treatment processes, its energy efficiency, whether it makes use of solar or hydroelectric power, and how thoroughly it recycles its waste. With the growing prominence of eco-tourism, there are more accommodation options than ever. Elements of the Philippine hospitality industry, for example, take pride in leading the way. The aim is for sustainable tourism to introduce visitors to beautiful and exciting destinations, while also preserving biodiversity and the local community’s way of life. Tourists attracted by this idea, and perhaps also in renting eco-friendly apartments at affordable prices, can find the best condos for rent on Zipmatch. You can check out the rankings of these rental properties by looking at their affordability, neighborhood and so on; and you can find a number of articles on the Zipmatch website on the green movement in the real estate industry in the Philippines.

Vacation Activities
Eco-tourists leave behind no hint of their presence. On the basic level, this means being careful with rubbish disposal, and not dropping matches or cigarette butts anywhere, particularly in places vulnerable to wildfires. It also means considering the appropriateness of an activity for that particular environment. Coral reefs, for example, are some of the most precious and fragile habitats on earth. They are easily damaged by careless or curious snorkelers, swimmers or divers. Deserts, too, might seem fun places for high-octane leisure activities or sunset sightseeing, but human settlements in such environments require immense quantities of water, inevitably reducing the amount available to other species.

Nobody intent on an eco-friendly vacation will want to bring home anything made from an endangered species. Not only is it detrimental to the species in question, but it may also be illegal to export or import. The best souvenir is almost always a photograph.

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