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Goa and Other Top Beaches in The World

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Holidays help craft enduring and lifelong memories that you will cherish forever. Every locale in the world has a unique tale to tell and one can experience this uniqueness only when you plan and venture out on holidays. Traveling and discovering new destinations and locales should be on the top five things to do on everyone’s list. As there’s only limited time for one to enjoy the fruits of life, traveling must not be procrastinated any further. Experiencing the sights and sounds of the vast marine life or witnessing a coral reef underwater is one of the most breath-taking sights you will ever encounter. And, as a bonus, you will keep yourself in good shape by exercising to get fit to be able to do such adventurous activities. However, the age old issue of expensive flight tickets can ruin the best-laid plans.


After a long, arduous working schedule and months of relentless winters, a beach get-away is the perfect go-to destination. Basking in the sun will not only do help to soothe and relax your fraying nerves but also help you distract and divert your mind from the tedious, dull and mundane day-to-day life. The ideal beach is replete with white sand and blue waters and only a few people can resist the lure of the beach. Hence to avoid missing out on holidays, it’s imperative that you don’t ponder further and quickly book cheap air tickets to avoid future disappointment. Furthermore, you make your flight bookings online with relative ease while also making use of the various flight offers that are available. With a little bit of diligent research, you canbook cheap flight tickets and even procure several discounts on air tickets and deals on Goa tour packages to ensure your holiday goes as per plan.


A perfect reminder to reinstate the fact that the world’s a beautiful place to live in, here are some of the top beaches that stand out in terms of accessibility, affordability, and ambiance. Before you pack your bags and get the ball rolling, here are a few once-in-a-lifetime experiences that should be added to your bucket list.




One of the most fashionable beaches in Brazil, Ipanema Beach is the most picture-perfect city beach in Rio hands down. To enjoy the beach culture and night life, this is undoubtedly the beach to be on. Ideal for a moonlight dip to cool off from the sweltering Rio heat, this beach was made famous by the 60’s song going by the same name. Ipanema Beach is a long stretch of sun kissed sand flanked by classy sushi bars, chic restaurants, swimwear shacks, luxurious apartments and flocked by hippies and artists who revel in the remarkably clear and inviting blue waters.




Boasting of three incredibly beautiful archipelagos, Panama has something in store for every tourist. San Blas is relatively expensive to reach while the Pearl Islands are a touch expensive to stay on. However, with crystal-clear water, gorgeous white sandy beaches and thousands of bright orange sea stars, the exquisite Starfish Beach lies await; located in Bocas del Toro, just south of Costa Rica on the Caribbean side. With incredibly clear water, perfect for snorkeling and swimming, this virgin beach utopia is guaranteed to captivate your senses and leave you purring in real life. The calm and serene waters make it safe for children as well and as an added bonus, you even get to witness a liberal sprinkling of beautiful starfish on the shores.





In a country known for it’s pristine and unspoiled beaches, it’s quite the task narrowing down on the best one out of the lot. Located in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef, Whitehaven Beach is one of the finest and flawless beaches in Australia. Not very easy to access, but the wait it worth it as you will be greeted with a sight akin to paradise which will make you realize why this is ranked as the most photographed beach in Australia. Bestowed the honor of Australia’s number one beach in 2013 by Trip Advisor, Whitehaven beach is spread across four kilometers of gorgeous white sand that comprises of 98{d4a277bd84e1314169d476bc2269af8cb4e46ef5e94f9c52b6bf8302007e6909} pure silica.




An enclave of paradise on the coastline of Koh Phi PhiLeh, this white sand beach surrounded on three sides by steep 100-metre-high limestone cliffs was used as the backdrop for the year 2000 Hollywood blockbuster, the Beach. Situated at a distance of 40km south of Krabi, this plush tropical beach is worth visiting for the picturesque setting, sensational azure-coloured waters, and brilliant snorkeling opportunities. A sun, surf and snorkel haven, Koh Phi Phi is thronged with visitors throughout the year.




Blessed with some of the most incredible array of beaches in the world which looks straight out of a dream scape, Bora Bora offers unmatched views throughout the year. With the perfect weather conditions that hover around  26-29C all year round, the magical glimmering turquoise blue waters along with picturesque stretches of white sand and blissful palm trees swaying in the cool breeze is sure to leave you fascinated in more ways than one.




One of the many beaches in the Okinawa stretch in Japan, Aharen Beach is a white sand beach which curves over 800 meters and is popular for it’s brilliant clear transparent waters and is a haven for adventure sports enthusiasts. Boasting of an impressive marine life, this island plays host to over 400 types of varied corals while one can even spot the magical humpback whales, a variety of sea turtles, colorful and exquisite tropical fish and manta rays amongst others on this island. With several facilities like lavatories and showers along with dozens of marine shops to choose from, one can indulge in snorkeling, diving and a bevy of other adventure sports.




Greece has no shortage of gorgeous beaches and Elafonisi is right up there amongst the best of them if not the best. Elafonissi which literally translates to the Island of Deer was so named as one can easily access the islet on foot akin to a deer that walked to it. Marked as a nature reserve, the blindingly white sand with stunning pink coral sand and turquoise-white lagoon-like waters combine to give off a magical exotic effect. Owing to the serene waters, the waters are ideal for paddling and snorkeling and no wonder Elafonissi was the only Greek contender on Tripadvisor list of the world’s 25 best beaches.




Although Goa is a tropical paradise with beaches littered all along its coast, Patnem Beach is a far quieter alternative and one of the best beaches to unwind and relax on a hammock or beach chair. Moreover, one could even enjoy sunbathing or set sail with the local fishermen to spot dolphins. The crescent white sand beach also has several eco-friendly retreats offering daily Yoga, Pilates, and Thai massage sessions so that you can finally get away from the stresses of urban life. With the most sumptuous and exotic seafood one could lay their hands on, Patnem Beach also has several shacks selling souvenirs and other knick knacks as well.

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