May 26, 2024


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Google repays advertisers after report of low-quality ads

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Google is issuing refunds to some advertisers to fix billing discrepancies, according to multiple ad execs, a little over a month after a harsh report claimed to find low-quality ad inventory running through the Google Video Partner Program, which places YouTube-style ads on third-party sites.

“Some clients got refunds,” one ad agency executive told Ad Age, speaking on condition of anonymity. “Some individual clients” are expecting refunds, according to a media holding company executive, who also spoke on condition of anonymity.

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A Google representative said that the company had been talking to advertisers and their agencies, but called the refunds a common practice, without saying they were directly related to the report from independent ad measurement firm Adalytics about below-standard ad placements.

“As part of ongoing relationship building, we sometimes issue credits to advertisers, this is not uncommon,” a Google spokesperson said in an email to Ad Age. “As we’ve stated repeatedly, Adalytics used a flawed methodology to make wildly inaccurate claims about Google Video Partners.” 

There have been a handful of “goodwill credits” of less than $1,000 since the report, a Google spokesperson told Ad Age following this story’s publication, adding that the scale of the credits shows that the report’s findings misstated the extent of the issue. Google is working with third parties, including Integral Ad Science, DoubleVerify and Pixability, to refute the findings of the study, the spokesperson said.


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