April 14, 2024


Travel Adventure

Harrisonburg travel agency sees rise in customers booking trips

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HARRISONBURG, Va. (WHSV) – There have been some recent commercial flights across the county and the world experiencing mechanical issues.

Terrie Dean Owner of The Wishing Well said those issues have not impacted people wanting to book trips. She added this year the agency has seen an increase in people coming in to book trips. One question the agency has heard more questions about the type of aircraft they will be flying on.

“We do get that question, people obviously are wanting to try to stay away from 737 Max jets,” said Dean.

If someone booking a trip has specific preferences, Dean said that something to keep in mins it that preferences can impact pricing. The Wishing Well has a lot of tools to be able to see what the on-time performance of a carrier is and what their mechanical history might be, said Dean.

“Most all agencies, professional travel agencies have great tool boxes at their disposal to be able to use to find out statistically what the performance levels are from any carrier at any given time,” said Dean.

Dean said there are people who are deciding to take alternative airlines to carriers, like Southwest airline, due to the historical data that accompanies travel with Southwest right now.


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