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How to Start a Traveling Business

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Business plan

Business tour & travel has many product lines to be marketed. How to start it depends on the scale of the business you want. For business travel with a capital that is really minimal, you can start it by opening a business travel ticket aircraft only. Be sure to have a strong logo and name in your branding introduction. Many services company such Maarca as a professional in making your branding to be easy to remember the customer. Business airline tickets can start even without an office. Many of my friends are applying this one way. Here are the steps to start an airline business with minimal or even free capital.

Step One: You are registering as a sub agent of established travels and serving sub-agent registration. Tour and travel companies that serve free registration or at least under 1 million is very much.  Each offers different ease and amount of registration fee. The main requirement, you must connect to the internet. Having bank account and mobile phone as a means of communication and promotion.

Business plan

Step two: Once you can register as a sub agent of one of these travels, you will be given a special page for sub agent complete with username and password. On the page you usually can check the ticket price – booking tickets – and print tickets (some can actually own issued own ticket). Well until here you actually can sell plane tickets.

Step three: Promote your business, make business cards, brochures, and more. Learn tips on business marketing tour & travel here. For the record, it is very important to combine online and offline marketing.

Step four: Provide the best service for your clients. As you proceed, learn how to provide the best service for each of your customers. Do not be lazy! As you proceed you must continue to learn. The success of your business depends on yourself. As I pointed out earlier in this paper, travel business products are numerous. Learn. Sell. You should take this opportunity. For medium-sized businesses, you can also start by becoming an agent of another travel company and open your own office. Usually by registering as a travel agent you will be given a system guide, SOP, marketing brochures, business cards, licensing arrangements and others.

For those of you who choose Business Tour Travel with fixed office. It’s important to find the best location (read location). Office location is needed so that the target market can easily find and come to you. Nevertheless, please tailored also to the budged you prepare for this business. Do not let your capital run out for rent only without leaving budged for other needs.
Business plan

As for large-scale tour and travel business, you can start by creating a business entity, then register your company to become an agent in the airlines / airline. You will be required to deposit an average deposit of 10-millions per airline. For easier tips, you can buy travel & travel franchises such as Panorama Word, Dwi Daya Tour and others. (The mention of brand names is just an example, of course there are many other options).

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