July 25, 2024


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Internet Reacts to Plane Passenger’s ‘Overwhelmingly Friendly’ Neighbor

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A post about a passenger’s encounter with an unusual flight companion—a dog—has sparked debate on Reddit.

In a June 21 post on Reddit under the username Ishak-Kristof, the passenger shared images of the friendly pup they were seated next to on a Delta Air Lines flight last week.

The passenger told Newsweek that the pictures were taken last Saturday on a Delta flight from Chicago to New York City.

“I don’t believe it was a service dog, he didn’t behave like one. I heard the owner saying he didn’t have a choice otherwise he wouldn’t have brought the dog, who seemed quite stressed,” the poster recalled.

“The dog was very friendly, he tried to go to the aisle at times but most of the time he stayed laying down under the legs of his owner,” the poster added.

Dog on board a Delta flight.
Images of an unexpected “overwhelmingly friendly” canine passenger on board a recent Delta Air Lines flight, shared by Reddit user Ishak-Kristof.

Ishak-Kristof on Reddit

“Depending on their size, some pets can travel as your carry-on,” notes the Delta website.

According to the airline’s pet policy, small dogs, cats, and household birds can travel in the cabin for a one-way fee, provided they fit in a ventilated pet kennel that fits under the seat in front of the passenger. There are restrictions on the number of pets allowed per flight and on certain seats such as bulkhead seats and emergency exit rows.

While the pup in the post is not believed to be a service dog and didn’t appear to wear a badge, service animals are not required “to wear a vest or other ID that indicates they’re a service dog” and are not “required to be certified or go through a professional training program,” according to ADA.gov, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) website of the U.S. Department of Justice.

‘Overwhelmingly Friendly’ Passenger

A caption shared with the Reddit post reads: “My fellow passenger in the next seat was overwhelmingly friendly…”

In a later comment in the Reddit thread, Ishak-Kristof wrote: “He was not a service dog, he was even stressed by the flight. The young owner mentioned something like he didn’t want to make him fly but this was an emergency or something. I didn’t ask more questions.

“And the dog behaved during the entire flight, except when I took this picture but that was because the owner went to the bathroom.”

The post has sparked discussion among users on Reddit, with some loving the idea of sitting next to a dog on a plane.

Treebeardsdank said: “I’d be stoked to have that as a traveling neighbor haha.”

Another user, noo_dont, added: “I’d appreciate it, although I understand how others wouldn’t…so I’d offer to trade seats with them in a heartbeat.”

However, not everyone was thrilled at the idea, such as serpentinepad who wrote: “I’d be requesting a seat change immediately.”

While some travelers might enjoy the company of a furry friend, others face allergies, fears or simply discomfort with animals in close quarters.

User Zeetarama noted: “I am allergic to dogs and wouldn’t be excited about this fellow passenger, unfortunately.”

TTSsox said: “Love dogs, but as someone who has allergies, I would hate this if I’m not prepared with meds to be around one.”

This sentiment was echoed by OhBoy_89 who said: “I’m sorry—it doesn’t matter how cute he is that is entirely unacceptable. My mom is terrified of dogs and she would lose her s*** if some dog popped up on her lap mid-flight. There are rules for a reason.”

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