June 17, 2024


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Joint venture between Cult Foods and Peqish Food Co. focuses on medically tailored food and cellular agriculture

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Once the share exchange closes, the joint venture will leverage both parties’ capabilities to form a “new, equally-owned subsidiary company” in the cellular agriculture field, according to the joint press release​.

Cult Foods, which also parterns with Ohayo Valley, Fiction, Just Eat Inc. and Mogale Meat, will cover all of the startup expenses, including the development of the initial product design and branding, expertise in design research, ideation, program management, recruitment, and investment.

Peqish’s team of doctors and chefs, provides prepared foods for academic institutions, hospitals, long-term care facilities; as well as equips retail and fresh food manufacturers with either finished products or ingredients to prepare at the counter. In its joint venture with Cult Foods, Peqish will provide industry insights, a network of professionals, culinary medicine, clinical expertise, and access to its team of clinical and scientific experts to conduct trials and validate products.

Food as medicine shapes nutrition research despite lack of coverage in nutrition programs

This partnership underscores the intersection between nutrition and healthcare. The food as medicine movement encompasses medically tailored meals, groceries and prescription plans, among others to address the growing epidemic of diet-related chronic diseases.

According to the Food is Medicine Coalition​, there have been 24 ongoing research studies since 2021 “demonstrating the impact of food and nutrition services on health and cost outcomes.”

The organization reported that 79% of the studies are focused on medically tailored meals (MTM) by registered dietician nutritionists (RDN), and suggests implementing MTM for Medicaid, Medicare and other federal healthcare programs.


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