December 5, 2023


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Only 7% of senior marketers feel they have all the tools for success

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Performance improvement plan

Senior marketers felt they needed work in the investment and impact areas. Only 19% of marketers in the survey thought of themselves as “optimally positioned” when it came to short and long-term investment in their respective brands. Of that group, 60% said they spend at least 70% of their marketing dollars on long-term brand building. 

A whopping 80% of marketers did not think they were in the best place when it came to impact, which refers to having the right skilled team or getting the best ROI. For the other 20% who were confident, nearly 60% of them cited having strong data, analytics, and insights.

Marketers said they were doing better when it came to the alignment category. A quarter of them said they very strongly agreed that their company has a clearly defined mission and purpose beyond commercial goals, and also that the brand contributes to the company’s commercial success. The survey found that these marketers usually had more say in product development and pricing decisions.


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