May 26, 2024


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Planning for Any Emergency Away from Shore

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Once you depart from the marina, you bear the sole responsibility of keeping you and your passengers safe from harm.  Even if you believe that you are all set for a smooth day of sailing, you still must prepare for the unexpected including if someone on board gets sick or hurt or if your vessel experiences an emergency like an engine malfunction or taking on water.


Rather than rely on the scarce supplies that might have come with your boat upon purchase, you can fully stock up for emergencies and more when you shop online.  You can find life jackets, snacks, flares, boat safety equipment, flares, and more available on the website now.



Safety Gear for Your Boat


Your primary responsibility arguably centers on keeping your boat afloat while out on the water.  If it stalls, sinks, or experiences another disaster, it could put you and your passengers at risk of injury or drowning.


While you may have a cell phone with you, you still need gear that will let you signal for help quickly.  When you shop online, you can find flares, communication equipment, chargers, ropes, anchors, and more that could allow you to stabilize your vessel and summon help from the Coast Guard.  You can find out the prices and availability of all of these safety supplies before you add them to your shopping cart on the website.



Personal Safety Gear


As captain, you also must keep your passengers safe from harm.  You never know when someone might get sick or suffer an injury like a cut or contusion.


You can find first aid supplies on the website that will let you address minor health emergencies before you return to shore.  The first aid kit comes with bandages, ointment, wraps, and medications that will stop minor pain and clean wounds.


You can also find personal safety gear like life jackets, bottled water, and snacks that will keep people energized until help arrives.  These supplies may seem unimportant at first.  However, during an emergency they can help your passengers stay safe and calm until the Coast Guard can rescue you.



A sail out on the open water should be fun, relaxing, and memorable.  Even so, you never know when an emergency may arise.  You can prepare now before your next sail by stocking up on safety gear and emergency supplies by shopping on the website today.

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