May 23, 2024


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Scott Galloway snags a new finance podcast

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Vox Media has decided that five hours of Scott Galloway a week isn’t enough. Later this month, the company will launch Prof G Markets, a spinoff podcast of Galloway’s twice-weekly Prof G Pod. Co-hosted by research analyst Ed Elson, Prof G Markets will also be released twice a week, and will focus more deeply on weekly markets and finance news.

“It’s really a belief in this franchise, in this Prof G Universe, as something that has bigger potential,” Vox head of audio and video Ray Chao said.

It’s the third show from Vox featuring Galloway, who also co-hosts Pivot with Kara Swisher. Over the last several years, Galloway’s ubiquity across business and news shows media and willingness to offer interesting, memorable, and occasionally half-baked takes on everything from market trends to the sex habits of young people has earned him the moniker the “Howard Stern of business media.” In an interview with Semafor, Elson said the new show would distinguish itself from the numerous other money and finance podcasts by leaning into Galloway’s personality and edge, coupling it with sharp analysis.

“The white space we identified was making one of those podcasts that isn’t boring,” Elson said. “A lot of those podcasts are, for whatever reason, a little hesitant or afraid to say bold things. That’s one thing that Scott definitely brings to the table.”

Galloway is already delivering on the promise to not be boring. Earlier this month, he made headlines and prompted a wave of online outrage after claiming on Bill Maher’s show that young people were joining protests on college campuses because they weren’t having enough sex.

In a brief interview with Semafor, he said he was a bit surprised that particular moment had gotten so much attention, as he often opines on issues related to young people and masculinity.

“It’s difficult to guess [when] what you say will get resonance or go viral or upset people,” he said when asked about the moment. “It’s a little like stock-picking. You delude yourself into thinking you know what you’re doing — you just don’t.”

He continued: “I’ll give you an example: I was on Morning Joe last week. It was six in the morning, I was hungover, I walked out of there so depressed, because I thought, ‘That was just a stew of word salad that made no sense.’ And it was probably one of the most viral pieces I’ve ever done.”


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