June 17, 2024


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Simple booking tip helps tourists save on flights and avoid crowds | Travel News | Travel

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The travel booking company Netflights has offered tourists a number of tips that can help them save hundreds of pounds on flight costs.

One of the best ways to reduce the cost of an upcoming getaway, there are many ways in which holidaymakers can make flying cheaper.

A spokesperson for Netflights suggested that tourists looking to save money on their next flights should try to be as open as possible on when they travel.

They advised: “To take advantage of cheaper flights, be flexible with your departure dates if you can. Airlines raise flight prices as demand increases so being flexible and selecting a less popular departure date can save you hundreds of pounds.

“The cheapest flights can usually be found by avoiding the school holidays, as the demand for Summer getaways lowers.”

In addition, Netflights suggested that, if it is possible, tourists should always try to book their flights well in advance, with last-minute bookings typically being significantly more expensive.

According to the company, tourists should aim to have long-haul flights booked between four to six months in advance of the trip, and shorter journeys paid for six weeks before their holiday.

Booking during this time can also help travellers find deals, with many airlines holding Spring Sales to encourage more people to book during quieter parts of the year.

Netflight’s spokesperson also recommended that tourists should try to keep an open mind when considering where they would like to travel, noting that it could lead to them discovering a unique destination.

They continued: “As many airlines increase flight prices based on demand, destinations that are less popular tend to be cheaper.

“Long haul flights can turn out as a better saving to a more tropical destination so be sure to shop around destinations further away that you may not have considered before.”


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