June 21, 2024


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The best smartwatch 2023: Wearables you should buy today

11 min read

The best smartwatches are excellent fitness gadgets. They’re built to track your activity levels, record your workouts, and show you health and recovery insights. But they also do much more. The top smartwatches around today connect to your smartphone, delivering notifications, and even phone calls, to your wrist, as well as give you quick and easy access to a range of apps, like meditation apps, timers, weather insights, and so much more. 

Wearing a smartwatch can elevate your health and fitness game if you want to maintain healthy habits. Many people find smartwatches keep them motivated to train and move, as they deliver key information, like pace, time and calories burned as they exercise – some even send reminders to stand up and get some steps in. 


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