October 1, 2023


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The Most Promising Adtech, Martech Startups of 2023, According to VCs

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  • Insider asked 9 top VCs which ad and marketing tech companies excited them most this year.
  • Many of the most buzzy startups are applying AI to marketing and ad creation.
  • The selected companies reflect a range of capabilities, from in-game advertising to retail media.

Venture capitalists have had a love-hate relationship with adtech in recent years, but the buzz around artificial intelligence, plus the rapid growth in nascent areas like retail media and streaming TV, has reinvigorated interest in the sector.

Martech startups, too, are applying AI and machine learning to help companies analyze huge datasets and let marketing teams collaborate better on big projects.

Insider spoke with nine VCs, all of whom have made recent investments in adtech or marketing tech, and asked them to identify the most promising startups in the space. We asked them to select companies inside and outside of their own portfolios. We also threw in a pick of our own.

Check out the 15 most promising adtech and martech startups of 2023 and why VCs think they are primed for success this year and beyond.


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