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These are the unique food items on CNE’s 2023 secret menu

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The CNE is in full swing! There’s so much happening at the exhibition this year one day just isn’t enough, to check out everything. As usual, they are some crazy eats at the CNE but they are some food items you might not have heard of yet. The CNE has a secret menu of fun food creations and we’re here to tell you what’s on the list. Keep reading to find out if there’s something interesting you want to try.

Take a look at what’s on the 2023 CNE Secret Menu:

Ice Elote Cone on the Cob

This dish from Caf-Eh T.O is a double-sided ice cream cone but designed to be had like corn. The flavour is peach mango and comes with Mexican seasonings and fruits.

Caramel Apple Chimney Cone

Eva’s Original Chimneys is at it again with this sweet creation. It consists of layers of vanilla ice cream, apple pie, caramel sauce, and Skors.


Tim Hortons is coming in hot with its Timsicles. It’s literally a creamsicle but in a drink form.

Peanut Butter & Jack Daniels Jelly Chicken Wings

Wing Kxng Food Truck is the brains behind this chicken wings product. The chicken wings have Thai-inspired peanut sauce, which then comes with Jack Daniel’s Blackberry Jam sauce.

Spicy Thrilla Dilla

There’s regular poutine and now there’s…spicey pickled poutine, thanks to Cheese Headz.

Fawaffle Dogs

Alijandro’s Kitchen has whipped up what it’s calling Fawaffle Dogs. The hotdog has a falafel crust and the item is baked rather than fried. It’s gluten-free and is accompanied by a Chipotle Hummus Dip.

Moh’ Corn Dogs

Make room for this creation from Bubba’s Butterfly Chips, which is halal corn dogs served with vegetable gravy.

Crispy Honey Butter Tater Tots

Last but definitely not least, this item is from Get Your Own Taters. It’s tater tots with toppings of smoked cheddar mac and cheese, along with whiskey-pulled pork.

Food Truck Frenzy and Cra4 Beer Fes6val

The 2023 CNE Secret Menu isn’t the only culinary experience available at the exhibition this year. Food trucks are always at the event where you can find some good eats. You’ll find the food trucks located on Princes’ Boulevard, in front of the Beanfield Centre and Enercare Centre.

Along with the vendors serving the secret menu items, some of the others include Craig’s Cookies, BeaverTails, Rebozos Taqueria, Starving Artist Waffles, Cornehcopia, and many more.


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