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Tips for Canoes and Kayaks

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Kayak Canoe

Canoes is one of the very challenging water sports. The name is taken from a boat canoe used, namely a small boat with only one person. These boats usually have a surface that is not closed. To run we need a paddle and water ripples. How exciting canoeing?

The different of Kayak and Canoe

Kano is a challenging sport. Because, usually done in a river wing jetted. Sometimes canoe slammed by the flow of water so fast. In fact, some canoes were overturned because water rolls.
In this world, there are two types of boats used for river sports, namely canoeing and kayaking. Often both of the boat is not distinguished. Though both of these have different types of boats. Kayak is a small boat that the top closed, while the canoe is open at the top boat, you can see specification : Kayak Trailers Both are equally boat using the paddle as a paddle. Even so, both the paddle is different. For a used kayak paddle with two paddle around the edges. Meanwhile, generally using a paddle canoe paddle one. Wow, exciting is not it? Armed swift splitting water ripples rowing scull one?

Types of Sport Canoe

Canoeing divided into several types. Among these are Sprint, Slalom, and Polo. Sprint is racing canoe race, usually carried out in the quiet river, the distance between 200 to a thousand meters. Slalom is fighting skill using a canoe. Each participant will slalom through the obstacles that made a winding, and they have to pass through it. Usually the path that must be passed are marked with flags. Kano Polo is a sport group, consisting of five players. Like the game of polo field, in the use of canoe polo is every team is required to break down the opponent’s goal. Which team scored the most goals, that is the championship game.

Canoe Tour
Besides contested, canoes can also be used as a travel choice. Sigh, I am not mistaken is that? No! Due to the usual canoe in swift rivers, can also be done in calm river water wing. Kano usual travel in groups. Group of the canoe down the river to see the beautiful scenery around the river. Will then proceed with finding a place to spend the night on the banks of the river. Before nightfall, they would set up tents and a bonfire there. Wow, of course, yes really fun filled vacation with air-canoe tours.

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