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Top 7 Tips for Maintaining and Cleaning up Your Propane Fire Pit

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By regularly maintaining and cleaning your propane campfire pit, you can optimize its longevity and gain maximum benefits from your investment. You might opt for someone else to maintain and clean it for you, but understanding how to do it yourself ensures that your investment is taken care of correctly.

Read on for guidance in maintaining and cleaning your propane fire pit.

1. Never Burn Anything Besides Gas

Don’t throw leaves, papers, or other foreign objects into the flames. These might quickly flare up and escape towards you! Also, cooking in your propane campfire pit isn’t advisable unless the manufacturer specifies that your unit is meant for that. Avoid using lighting fluids or other accelerants with gas flames. You should maintain safety rules while around the fire pit.

2. Clear Out Debris

Clear debris like leaves and rocks from the burner after ensuring your fire pit has cooled. Insects might become stuck in vents and drains, blocking those crucial elements of your unit and diminishing its efficacy. Whether your propane fire pit is filled with decorative pebbles or glass pieces, these should be removed to expose any hidden debris.

3. Wipe It Down

Prepare soapy, warm water and use a wet cloth to wipe it down. Focus on cleaning the burner and the edge, primarily used as a footrest or tabletop. Most importantly, keep the burner clean to let the fuel flow smoothly.

4. Cover It Up

Clean your fire pit and cover it with a canvas or vinyl cover till you use it again. You can also buy a waterproof cover for your unit to help protect it from the elements. This will help prevent damages to your unit caused by snow, heavy wind, and rain and might keep it free from debris. A waterproof cover will simplify subsequent attempts at maintaining and cleaning it.

5. Shut Off Your Gas Outlet

Shut off the gas valve on the unit, especially when using a propane tank. Also, store the tank in a well-ventilated space, preferably outside. You must confirm with your city hall whether or not it’s right to store your propane tank outside or inside your home. You want to store it in a safe area where oxygen isn’t displaced in confined spaces.

6. Schedule a Check-up

Most importantly, inspect your burner and fixtures like pipes and valves regularly. This inspection is essential whether or not your unit is cleaned. Advisedly, hire a professional to clean your unit at least annually.

7. Avoid Putting Out Fires With Water

It would be best to let the fire die out on its own when using a propane campfire unit. Pouring water, especially when it’s cold outside, might cause the water to freeze and eventually damage your unit and prevent you from enjoying it till the ice thaws. So, have patience and let your fire pass out naturally.

Final Thoughts

By now, you understand how to maintain your propane campfire unit. Hopefully, you’ll spend more time relaxing around your unit with loved ones and less worrying about its maintenance and cleaning!

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