June 22, 2024


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Travel Tip: Money-saving flight hack when booking your next trip

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CHICAGO (WLS) — You may have already booked those summer flights but did you know there is a flight hack that can save you potentially hundreds of dollars?

Here’s a quick flight hack tip -now that most airlines have done away with those change fees.

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There is a way to get flight credits which essentially means getting your money back, after you book your travel.

Here’s what to do:

  • Head back to the airline app about a few weeks or even a month after booking a flight.
  • Check to see if the flight price,for the exact same flight time has gone down.
  • Do this by hitting the option to “change your flight” and then choose the exact same flight time.
  • If the price is lower, you can rebook the same flight on your app and you’ll get a flight credit for the price difference.
  • There are also third party apps that monitor flight changes.
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