May 23, 2024


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Trip.Biz’s new app streamlines company’s business travel booking

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Trip.Biz, a digital travel management company (TMC) under the Group, has launched its latest app, focusing on enhancing its corporate travel arrangements offerings. With a focus on user-friendly technology and sustainability, the new app aims to simplify the complexities of business travel.

The newly introduced Trip.Biz app offers 24/7 customer support in multiple languages, providing users with a seamless experience while managing their corporate travel needs. Headquartered in Singapore, Trip.Biz says it is dedicated to enhancing business travel management through its catalogue of tech solutions, inventory and sustainable practices.

Trip.Biz boasts a global customer service network catering to clients across different time zones, with over 15,000 large-scale corporations and more than 980,000 small to medium-sized enterprises in its clientele since its establishment in 2006, 

Trip.Biz aims to enable businesses to focus on growth and success by saving on travel expenses, with a commitment to cost-effective and time-efficient solutions. The app offers features such as flight and hotel booking, itinerary management, and flexible approval processes, providing users with a platform for managing their travel arrangements.

In conjunction with the app launch, Trip.Biz has unveiled a new logo to go along with its brand refresh. Trip.Biz says that the logo reflects the company’s core values of people, technology plus inventory, and sustainability, represented by orange, blue, and green colors respectively.

Violet Zong, Chief Marketing Officer at Trip.Biz, expressed excitement about the app’s launch, stating, “Trip.Biz empowers users to navigate the complexities of corporate travel with ease. Our commitment to a user-centric experience is further echoed in our fresh new logo, symbolizing our dedication to meeting the ever-changing needs of modern businesses while upholding our core values.”

Trip.Biz offers an inventory of offerings including international flights covering 147 countries, business travel hotels in 230 countries and regions, and partnerships with around 2 million hotels worldwide. Additionally, its international ride-hailing services are available in over 60 countries and over 600 cities.

The Trip.Biz app is now available for download on IOS and Android platforms.


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