May 26, 2024


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TW Foods owners hang up chef’s coats, close downtown grocery store

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From its downtown location, TW Foods offered a throwback grocery shopping experience, boasted an eclectic international food section and specialized in catering to the needs of the community

Thorsten von Estorff and Withold Goldgruber, were individually accomplished chefs in their own right but did their finest work as a team — their first initials form the “TW” in downtown grocery staple TW Foods — also known as Taste of the World Foods.

In their typically understated way, Thor and Withold said goodbye with a brief note of thanks posted to social media. The store has been on the real estate market for months. The business partners are packing it in and hanging up their chef’s coats, as they enter retirement. Friday was their last day.

Scores of well-wishers responded to the farewell message from TW Foods.

Sue Campbell posted, “Enjoy your retirement, we so enjoyed your wonderful catered foods and Masa’s Kabuki ginger sauce and salad dressing. Downtown won’t be the same without your presence. Thank you for bringing European foods to North Bay.”

Following the 2018 fire that closed the restaurant, Kabuki House owner Masa Nagasawa joined forces with the TW team by preparing his well-known specialties in-house.

The Dubois family — now known as the Wasi Chefs —  are the former owners of the White Owl Bistro. They paid tribute to TW Foods with, “Thank you so much for all your hard work and dedication to the hospitality industry — a well-deserved retirement! We wish you all the best and enjoy this next chapter to the fullest! Big love to all.”

For close to two decades, TW Foods was a downtown North Bay constant. Located in the 100-block of Main Street East — in the space once occupied by Ben’s Supermarket —  for many downtown residents and businesses, it was the only grocery store with fresh produce and meat and deli counter for kilometres in each direction.

Tim Feick thanked the TW Foods team “for providing a valuable service to our community. Having a grocer downtown has made life easier for many who live and work there. Personally, I have appreciated your outstanding cooking and catering with the many formal events you have serviced. I hope that you look back with pride on your accomplishments and best wishes on the next stage of your journey.”

A business philosophy of “Event Planning is what we specialize in but not the only thing we do,” served TW Foods well over the years. Truly, one could spend an hour browsing the unfamiliar ingredients — so full of culinary promise — lining the shelves of the store.

Erica Taylor thanked TW Foods for everything the team had done in ordering German specialties, saying her family will “be lost without leberkase and white sausage. You have supported the community for a very long time. I wish you well in the next part of your journey.”


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