April 14, 2024


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Viral Google Chrome Extension Can Score You Cheap Flights, Travel Deals

1 min read

We all love and revere Google Flights, and we shall always thank it for its service. However, while it sure is reliable and allows us to browse through the lowest prices available, it has come to the internet’s attention that there might be a way to score even cheaper flights than what Google Flights advertises.

A viral TikTok, which has received more than 2 million views, sings the praise of travel deal browser extensions and plug-ins. “I love Google Flights, but sometimes it doesn’t give me the best deals,” the TikToker says in the video. They then proceed to show what they mean.

What happens is that while the platform does, in fact, show the lowest prices available, it doesn’t account for potential deals. So, let’s say an airline is offering some flash deal—you wouldn’t see that reflected on Google Flights.

There is a way to fix this. What you need to do is to download a plug-in—like TravelArrow, the Google Chrome extension the TikToker uses in the video—look for flights on Google Flights and, once you find a good deal, visit the airline’s website. Once you do that, the plug-in will pop up active deals on the airline’s site. In the video, the user shows that when they visited Jet Blue’s website, a $50-off deal pops up on the screen, which wasn’t shown on Google Flights. Happy booking!


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