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What is the “Tren Twins” workout? 23-year-old duo are redefining the fitness world with their viral diet and workout

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The “Tren twins” workout is currently taking the internet by storm, with tons of influencers and fitness enthusiasts adopting the viral routine. Michael and Christian Gaiera, the ambitious 23-year-olds, are gaining immense popularity as the Tren Twins. Their TikTok and YouTube marvels are capturing the attention of the world for their exceptional dedication to sculpting their bodies and helping others do the same.

Tren twins workout journey began in Los Angeles, where they grew up attending local schools and gradually voyaging into the vast world of social media. Little did they know, they would soon turn their fitness passion into a career that would span across platforms like TikTok, with over 1.1 million followers, and YouTube, with a subscriber count climbing towards a significant 650k milestone.

The Tren Twins workout philosophy


The Tren Twins workout approach to fitness transcends mere aesthetics, as it’s about consistency, finding the right balance in nutrition, and a commitment to a lifestyle that exemplifies health and vitality.

The duo target a daily caloric intake between 2,500 and 2,800 calories, strategically planning their macronutrients, a protein-heavy diet of over 240 grams a day, carbs ranging between 120-150 grams for sustained energy, and healthy fats lining at about 80-100 grams.

Supplementation for the Tren Twins workout sticks to essentials rather than extravagance. They incorporate foundational supplements such as whey protein to bolster their high protein requirements, BCAAs to aid in muscle recovery, and creatine to boost their strength during high-intensity workouts.

The twins heavily focus on whole foods, cherry-picking premium sources for their nourishment needs—lean proteins, complex carbohydrates, and healthy fats make up their power trinity. Their content, which is deemed educational by viewers, not only showcases their workout routines, but also provides their audience with an intricate look at how to balance diet and exercise seamlessly.

The Tren Twins diet for muscle growth


For the Tren Twins workout, diet is not an afterthought but a core pillar holding up their monumental muscular integrity. Here’s a sneak peek at their meticulous meal plans, crafted for both bulking and cutting phases:

Bulking Diet (approx. 3,000 calories):

  • Meal 1: Pancakes enriched with protein powder, PB2, Swerve, Keto pancake mix, egg whites, apples, and sugar-free syrup — a sweet beginning loaded with proteins.
  • Meal 2: Pre-workout, they load up on lean ground beef and rice to ensure they’re fueled and ready to conquer the weights.
  • Meal 3: Post-workout, the focus is on recovery with either a protein bar or shake, providing their muscles with immediate repair nutrients.
  • Meal 4: For dinner, the twins enjoy steak, cheesy potatoes, and grits, ensuring all macros are hit.
  • Meal 5: The day concludes with a whey protein shake with almond milk and yogurt, packing a final protein punch before bedtime.

Cutting Diet:

  • Meal 1: They start the day with Anabolic French Toast, inspired by the Greg Doucette Cookbook, infusing their morning with flavor and function.
  • Meal 2: A wrap filled with chicken, steak, cheese, and encased in low-carb tortilla ensures that protein is always at the heart of their meals.
  • Meal 3: Before the workout, a nutritious blend of banana, honey, and a pre-workout shake primes their bodies for yet another intensive training session.
  • Meal 4: The post-workout meal consists of a savory wrap with chicken, onion, tomatoes, and peppers, wrapping taste and nutrition neatly.
  • Meal 5: The day wraps with a meal that satisfies the sweet tooth without derailing their diet goals.

Christian Gaiera’s take on steroids, net worth, and more


On Alex Eubank’s podcast, The Lion’s Den, the Twins confessed to using steroids, specifically sticking to a testosterone cycle. This admission is quite different from their previous statements where they claimed to be natural, or “natty,” bodybuilders.

The duo’s influence isn’t limited to workouts and diet plans. They’ve entered the entrepreneurial world with the Tren Twins Shop, offering merchandise that includes fitness-related products. Their collaborations with various brands, such as Young LA and Huge Supplements, have also been integral to their financial success.

While exact figures of their net worth are speculative—ranging broadly from $500K to $2 million—there’s no doubting the impact they’ve made on their fanbase.


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