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Year Ender 2023: 8 top health and fitness trends that went viral this year | Health

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As we bid farewell to 2023, it’s intriguing to reflect on the dynamic shifts and innovations that have taken the health and fitness world by storm. From cutting-edge technologies to holistic lifestyle approaches, the year has witnessed a myriad of trends that have captured both attention and enthusiasm. The top health and fitness trends of this year reflect a harmonious blend of functional exercises, ancient wellness practices, and a collective desire for personalised, sustainable lifestyles. It’s time to look back at the practices that have reshaped the way we approach our physical and mental well-being. Scroll down to check out the most popular trends that have not only sparked conversations but have also paved the way for a healthier and more vibrant future. (Also read: Year Ender 2023: Mystery pneumonia to dengue, diseases that made headlines this year )

Year Ender 2023: 8 top health and fitness trends that went viral this year(Freepik)
Year Ender 2023: 8 top health and fitness trends that went viral this year(Freepik)

Top health and fitness trends of 2023

1. Gamified fitness

The integration of gaming and fitness is evolving. Leading companies in the field are now offering cardiovascular exercise equipment that enhances the interactive gaming experience. Gamified fitness uses aspects of video games such as leaderboards, medals, points and awards to encourage and engage users. Fitness trackers are just one of the many gamified fitness applications and programmes available. They allow users to compete with friends and family and receive incentives for achieving goals.

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2. Mini workouts

Many people prefer to break up their exercise into shorter, more frequent sessions rather than devoting an hour to it. This could be split into three 15-minute sessions throughout the day, or short bursts of five to ten minutes. Many people find these shorter sessions easier to fit into their daily schedules, while others prefer to focus on one part of the body and take a few hours off before working that part again, rather than doing both at the same time and wearing out the second muscle group.

3. Biohacking

The DIY biology technique known as ‘biohacking’, which aims to improve wellbeing, performance and health through deliberate intervention, has been popular in 2023. For example, nutrigenomics, a type of biohacking, focuses on the interactions between your unique genes and the food you eat. Through this type of biohacking, individuals seek to identify and maximise the ways in which different nutrients influence their thoughts, emotions and actions.

4. Functional fitness

Functional exercises that mimic tasks you might perform outside the gym, such as pulling a rope or turning a tyre, are known as functional fitness. It offers greater variety and difficulty than traditional gym sets and reps. Thanks to viral videos on TikTok and YouTube, more and more people are interested in physical performance rather than just bulking up. Whether it’s true or not, functional fitness training is said to develop such skills.

5. Wellness coaching

The employment of wellness coaches has increased significantly in recent months and this trend is expected to continue until 2024. Wellness coaches work with clients to create a personalised wellness plan and then help them implement it. Coaches typically meet with clients once or twice a week for thirty to forty minutes each time.

6. Group exercise training

Humans are social animals who enjoy getting together to do activities, and exercise is no different. You can meet like-minded people and get more exercise for your money with group fitness classes. It’s easier to push yourself when you have people to support you, or you might want to stay up with a friend who brags about how many push-ups and crunches they can do.

7. Metaverse wellness

Fitness has never been more digital, with devices such as training trackers and personalised applications. In 2023, wellness technology was huge as we looked for ways to improve our efficiency and intelligence. What comes next? The multiverse. Wellness is a top priority for consumers and is being prioritised by businesses and governments around the world. As a result, there is a global search for new technologies that will enable them to engage and influence the health of a greater number of people.

8. Body weight training

With the high cost of gym memberships, it’s great to see bodyweight training in this year’s list of fitness trends. This trend involves using your own body weight as resistance to perform a series of multi-level exercises. It’s a really practical form of exercise that only requires your body and a small amount of space. You can increase your strength, burn calories and improve your balance and coordination with bodyweight training. It’s also quite flexible, so you can do it almost anywhere, whether at home, in the park or while driving.


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